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Half term is all but two weeks away. Excuse us while we roll around the floor laughing. Someone please press pause, the years are slipping by.

We’ve included outdoor options in this holiday round up. What’s a bit of snow (hail, sleet, wind) when you have children who need to let off steam in a pollution-free zone?

Wetland Centre

“Great exploration and wildlife,” says a dad. Escape the capital to stroll among lakes, ponds and gardens, not far from Hammersmith Bridge. Each February, a “London Puddle Jumping Championships” invites youngsters to jump into paddling pools. Pack wellies and a change of clothes! Meander along paths to a small playground then back to a dinky cafe.

Lee Valley Farm

“Lots of animals to cuddle,” says this mum of 1. We're not sure which out of the sheep, giant rabbits, rare breed pigs, long-necked llamas and a meerkat family are safe to hug, so do ask! The farm opens up at half term with a 'Conservation Week' – an array of events including an Alpine Adventure: storming down a hill in squidgy donuts.

The Outdoors Project

Outdoor fun in safe hands on the south coast. This is childcare that kids beg to return to. We're talking Nerf games, Harry Potter and Minecraft themed play. "Our son comes home happy, shattered and with lots of stories,” says a parent about the Sussex and beyond camps.

Hever Castle

The childhood home of Anne Boleyn (2nd wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I) is a double moated 13th-century Tudor castle in Kent. Some say it’s haunted (the kids will love that). Painting, tapestries and treasures inside, an Italian Garden and maze outside. Be a ‘Wildlife Detective’, chat to the gardeners, or feed the ducks. An hour’s train and walk from London Bridge.


A live escape game in North London offers up to six participants 90 minutes to solve clues, riddles and puzzles. Suits competitive 9+ year olds (and parents that don’t mind a lot of screaming), says this dad.

Have you been to an Escape Room? Did you know that you too can share your feedback in the app?


“Best experience of my life,” said a parent’s son. In 3 locations, Basingstoke, Manchester and Milton Keynes, you can soar like in a bird, enjoying the equivalent of two sky dives, in a 14ft wind tunnel, with trained instructors by your side. For ages 3+.

Mini Engineers

Recommended by a mum of 3, who booked a lego birthday party. How’s this for a two day half term treat? Choose a theme (Harry Potter, Rainforest or Land & Sea Explorer) then in small groups, kids build Hogwarts, mountains, monuments, mammals...

Queen Elizabeth Pool

East London's Olympic pool programmes "intensive" swimming classes during the holidays, as well as extra ‘Extreme Aqua Splash’ inflatable sessions where robust kids jump along on bouncy inflatables. “Best pool in London!” declares this dad.

Ice Skating Alexandra Palace

“Real family fun,” is how a parent describes ice skating at Alexandra Palace. Not as packed as other rinks, parking is easy, and the cherry on top is a beautiful city view.

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