"I believe it’s a parent’s duty to help teach their kids about food. For those 175 days a year when they’re not at school, we should be inspiring them with a range of fresh foods." - Jamie Oliver

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Welcome to the last issue of our newsletter - and sorry we missed you last week!

Seeing as most of us now love to actively pursue nourishing, nutritional paths for ourselves and our young families, we've focussing on recipes this week. All of these featured have been tested and then shared on Kinfo app.

We've selected light dishes to get us through the summer term. Most recipes are vegetarian, plus a few gluten-free thrown in for good measure: junk food was so 1990's.

You might want to open Kinfo to get the method and ingredients. Oh, and do update your app because it has been improved: now you can browse by categories! And FOOD is a strong one. Go App store > Updates > Kinfo 

Happy cooking!

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Pasta al Pesto (V)

Once you’ve eaten fresh pesto there’s no going back. After a bit of supervised chopping, which most ages can handle, add fresh pasta “et voila!”. Top tip, introduce this strong flavour at an early age 🙂 

Pear and Cinnamon Muffins (V)

“We often have them on our breakfast menu," says one mum of three who loves cooking. She also calls them "unctuous", which we love, and assume means ‘moist’, or perhaps even a little gooey.  “Easy to make!” The recipe requires flour, pears and the usual store cupboard ingredients.

Cheese Stuffed Pretzels (V)

“My kids love it, it’s easy to do,” says the mum of two. See Kinfo to link to an instructive  ‘how to’ video. The ingredients are simple: pizza dough, mozzarella, garlic, with tomato sauce or parmesan. Roll, fill, twist and then cook for 20mins. Tick.

One Pot Chicken with Kale and Butternut Squash

“My kids love this!” Easily freezable, economical and packed with immune boosting ingredients!” That’ll be the vitamin C, antioxidant beta-carotene and iron-rich leafy green kale. Next time you have some leftover chicken stock, this is what you should do with it.

Gluten-free Berry Crumble (V)

Shout out to the gluten-free massive. And massive is the word: increasing numbers are declaring their wheat, barley and rye intolerance (all of which, did you know, can allegedly cause depression). How nice to find a g/f recipe that doesn’t taste any different. It uses ground almonds, gluten-free or spelt flour, goji berries (all the berries!). Also, no refined sugar. Seconds are allowed, surely.

Salmon en Papillote

Tender, juicy salmon anyone? All you need is foil. And fresh fillets of salmon. “Super easy and amazingly tasty as it allows the flavours of the salmon and herbs to infuse and develop wonderful,” says a mum of two. 

Cocoa Seed Bars (V)

Lunchboxes, picnics, car journeys, birthday parties… “Ideal for occasional snacks on the go. Takes just a few minutes to prepare”. 

Chickpea Pizza Base (V)

The cauliflower versions were good, but these are really good, one Kinfo user tells us. We're loving whole pea Italian flavours that are trending these days very much too. Surely your kids will deserve an ice-cream after this plate of goodness?

Blackberry Smoothie (V)

Forage for berries and make your own truly-organic smoothies. A glass of vitamin-c heaven, recommended by a mum of 2. Simple and "delicious" she said (but don't overload it with mint leaves). 

Meringues (V) 

You can't go wrong with this recipe that a mum of three is sharing. It makes perfect ones. Try it and let us know!

No Nuts Nutella (V)

Nutella without hazelnuts. Surely it should be branded and called... Notella. “Tastes deliciously chocolatey and nutty,” advises a mum. Blend butter with cocoa and… well, you'll have to visit the app for the full lowdown on this and all recipes above.


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