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Recommendations, like good meals, are for sharing. Here we combine the two! Go ahead, tuck into these recipes from Kinfo app.

When every food truck and restaurant is vying for our custom, it pays to know what other parents recommend as a good experience for our kids. So we all appreciate your recommendations.

As a thank you, we are offering a reader one of Renée Elliott's cookbooks: "What to Eat and How to Eat it: 99 Super Ingredients for a Healthy Life". Simply add a recipe to Kinfo app this week and we'll put your name in a hat to pick and notify a winner at 9am next Friday.

Bon appetite!

Apple Vegan Cookies

"Only 5 ingredients, so easy to make. Healthy, sweet and vegan," says a mum of 2. Includes crunchy peanut butter, dates and grated apple (or any other fruit), with granola (or seeds and nuts) in place of flour. Requires a food processor and just 30 mins total prep and cooking time.

Kid-Friendly Veg Curry

We've had a sneak at one of our kid's school residential courses coming up and curry is on the menu. Best we get them accustomed to it, starting with this "mild but utterly delicious" recipe that a mum of a little one has shared. Easy, cheap, healthy, it uses cumin and turmeric. Here's our attempt pictured. Verdict: "Add chilli!" and "More please!".

Welsh Cakes

"My family's favourite things, they fill my kitchen with a warm spicy aroma," says this mum. Light, with a little spice, shaped like a biscuit, originally a Welsh traditional tea-time treat. Also known natively as “cage bach” or "picau ar y maen" but also "griddle cakes" (you griddle or fry them). Make a whole batch, they will keep for a week, if they last that long.

Pasta al Pesto

Pesto is a sauce that originated in Genoa in the Liguria region of northern Italy. While ready-made jars are available, freshly made versions are so much yummier. See the app for the few ingredients you need and the minimal effort required to make a family favourite for this mum of 2. Contains nuts. (Tomatoes optional).

Fancy Fish Fingers

There's a lot fun to be had rolling strips of pink fish in oats with your little ones. Bake, serve with sweet potato fries, and there you have a healthier version of traditional, junk-free, Friday fish 'n chips – rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The flaxseed is for the vegans, or use eggs for coating the oats. Serve with "mashed peas, sourdough or a brioche roll," tips this dad.

Gooey Chocolate Brownies

"Best served warm," says this uncle who introduced this new recipe to his nephew. We need uncles like this in our lives. Can we borrow you?


Not to be confused with lemon meringue pie, which is a totally different dish. Meringues are the most pleasurable, sweetest mouthful to be had for your pennies, all you need are eggs and sugar. Add a little cornflour to make them chewy inside, then pile on fruit and cream, is our tip. You'll have to log onto the app to see a mum of 3's advice.

Macadamia Breakfast Parfait

Renée Elliott is the founder of Planet Organic. She's a trailblazer who led the world towards a ubiquitously healthier, more nutritious way of life. This requires minimal prep, but it's not hard, just log onto the app to see Renée's instructions. Macadamia nuts contain dietary fibre, protein, manganese, thiamin and a good amount of copper. What a way to start the day!

Acai Smoothie Bowl

Another recipe by Renée, also loved by her kids. Plan ahead, soak a few nuts, prep a variety of fruit... oh and this is 2019, no-one is using dairy milk still, right? Colour and goodness in a bowl. This nutritious breakfast will help children feel full of zest!

What's your family's favourite recipe?

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