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Parents are sharing everyday their best online resources, indoors’ activities or games. Everything has been tested and validated, that’s why they recommend them
– saving you precious time that you can spent with your kids.


Top five recommendations for the week are:

1. PE with Joe (online PE sessions)
2. Free audible books (audiobooks)
3. twinkl (support for home learning)
4. Folding crate (storage)
5. German potatoes pancake (food recipe)

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Dr M. Konczynski advice

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 period, we’ve been talking to Dr M. Konczynski who is giving us updates and advice:

The situation in the UK and across all European countries is still critical. While governments apply different confinement measures, our role as parents is to ensure we wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds regularly* and that we keep our distance!
We also recommend that you establish a routine, with daily physical exercises.

And if you want to access verified information, you can always trust the WHO website. 

Dr M. Konczynski
* or use alcohol-based gel on-the-go (check here how to DIY as recommended on Kinfo)

And you,
dear mum, dear dad, dear friend,
have you discovered any gems online?
Any service that have helped you and your family?



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