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As always, Kinfo’s mission is to share best activities for families, especially during this period of time when we struggle to adjust to new routines.

We want to stay positive and help you and your children make the most of this period as an opportunity to learn, interact and play differently.

Have a look below at recommendations we handpicked for you today.

They are all suitable to be done at home.

Feel free to browse Kinfo app, we have thousands of activities from parents like you.

We have also asked Dr M. Konczynski to give us regular updates and advice

in order to help you navigate this period of overwhelming information:

The situation in the UK is evolving fast. The Coronavirus-2019 is now in free circulation and the priority has become the management of those with severe symptoms. Many measures are already in place to continue to curb the spread but our role is, more than ever, to ensure we wash our hands with soap for 20 secs regularly* and that we keep our distance!

And if you want to access verified information, you can always trust the WHO website. 

Dr M. Konczynski
* or use alcohol-based gel on-the-go (check on Kinfo a DIY gel)

Below are some activities from Kinfo, for babies and toddlers, discovered, tested and recommended by parents like you:
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A mum has recommended Playhooray! because there are a lot of ideas to entertain her one year old baby and three year old toddler. In her words: “So many ideas for free”. Enjoy it too!


A yummy “lifesaver” service according to this mum who was too busy and stressed to cook healthy food for her baby let alone the whole family. Perhaps a voucher is an idea to throw on the table for Mother’s Day? ?

Doudoods are wonderful comforters for babies and newborn, you want to cuddle it for ever… This is a perfect gift for your little one (or someone else’s), you just have to pick the right “dood” from the gang!


Beautiful organic clothes recommended by many parents for their design and fabric quality. Browse the beautiful shop from the comfort of your sofa and enjoy the shopping!

And you,
dear mum, dear dad, dear friend,
have you discovered any gems online?
Any service that have helped you and your family?



When you share a recommendation on Kinfo we will let you know how many parents you have helped so you know that what you are doing is helpful.


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