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While we all prepare for a new school term – a time for new beginnings and achievements for all – we look forward to this last weekend of freedom.

One more book before we get them into their uniform, shall we?

We have a few books to recommend this week that have a hint of that ‘back to school’ feeling, a big whack of inspiration and a (completely necessary) jolt of humour. A massive thank you to all you parents who took a few minutes to share those books your kids have loved.

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Suzy Senior


"The rhyming is a joy to read out loud... great underwater scenes and lots of silliness," tips this mum of 2. She's right, pants are a favourite subject of little ones (until they move on to 'number 2s' – eurgh!).

How to Be a Lion

Ed Vere


A new story out this summer about a sensitive, gentle lion. The story celebrates individuality and self-awareness. One parents says the captivating story and vibrant artwork completely charmed her 3 year old. ("A manual for anyone's life, young or old" – Sunday Times).

I Am Not a Loser

Jim Smith


A terrific little book which details how Barry, a cool kid, becomes a loser. The transformation begins when Darren, the ‘crocodile-faced fart burper’, joins Barry's school and begins teasing him. The book is packed with funny pranks and jokes, but seriously covers the impact bullying can have. For all the Wimpy kids' fans and highly recommended by a mum of 2 on Kinfo.

My Best Friend the Suffragette

Sally Morgan


A great mix of history and fiction, featuring two best friends living life in 1913. "Lovely book for 8 year olds," says the Kinfo review. "Lovely lessons for parents, too." 😉

You Are Awesome

Matthew Syed


A confidence boost before term starts. The Week Junior described this as "a great book for anyone who wants to learn about how they can realise their true potential."
"My child thought there was too much back story but found great nuggets of truth and pearls of wisdom," says this parent.

Shakespeare Pop Up

Jennie Maizels


"A delightful, compact history of Shakespeare's famous plays. It even has a section dedicated to romance that my daughter loves. Fascinating, entertaining and stunning," says this mum.

Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook

Melinna Hammer


A mum of 2 has got her kids cooking healthy meals, using this book. Not as many illustrations as you might think, but a lot of tasty recipes and a lot of fun to be had in the kitchen.

Private Peaceful

Michael Morpurgo


Private Tommo Peaceful's twenty-four hours at the front is full of vivid detail and engrossing atmosphere, a moving account of the First World War. The mum recommending it said that one of her kids has finished it in one day. Not bad for a 208 pages book (!)

Cirque Du Freak 

Darren Shan


Some great fast-paced fiction with half human/half animals, vampires and things that go bump in the night! This is the saga of Darren Shan - where does it all begin? ... in the toilet! Recommended by this mum of 2 as one of the children's best book of the summer. Would you dare to try it?

Real Life Mysteries

Susan Martineau


Girls and boys will be well equipped with weird tales to spread at school after reading this. Mysteries includes crop circles, aliens, haunted houses and the Loch Ness Monster. "Are they real life or fiction? Makes for good discussions," says this dad.


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Kinfo's Book Month comes to a close!
We hope you have enjoyed our playlists and that they soundtracked the books that will have, to some extent, defined your kids' summer.

We’ll pull together more songs over the coming months, as summer gives way to cosy autumn. Children crunching through the leaves, bonfires, Halloween... we're almost looking forward to next season.

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