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Top [tested] Tips for Little Chefs
Nov 2, 2018

A set of instructions and ingredients for preparing a dish.
“He wants to learn to cook, let’s start him off with this fun recipe.



Looking forward to someone else making you a plate of eggs for breakfast one day soon? They’re never going to do it if we don’t get them started in the kitchen. We’ve handpicked recipes from the app that we think a wide variety of young ages will enjoy following.

We’ve gone for healthy; after all those sweets it’s time to rebalance.

There are more where they came from on Kinfo.

Oh and don’t miss our new article also on the app: a yummy ‘Autumn Tart’ by chef Jennifer – an auntie who definitely knows how to cook up a storm.

Nori Rolls

Starting with a recommendation by the Queen of Healthy! Chef and Planet Organic founder – the UK’s first organic supermarket, launched before most of us even knew what organic food was – Renée Elliott has shared her fave recipes for her kids and a wonderful one for nori rolls.

Pasta Pesto

A mum of 2 has shared a recipe that will make you question ever buying a jar of ready made pesto again. This quick, delicious accompaniment to throw over pasta is the thing of dreams. Honestly. Just try it. 

Fruit Spaghetti

“A good way to introduce molecular cuisine to kids,” says a dad. Don’t know what that is? Let us save you a job and share the lowdown. Head to the app to see the secret ingredient in this dessert.

Pizza Rustica

A vegetarian, three cheese (triple treat!), spinach and spring onion pie, with gluten-free pastry. “Simple to make, yummy hot or cold,” says a mum of a 3-year-old.

Blueberry Muffins

We couldn’t possibly send out recipes for kids without including cake. “I always refer to the BBC Food website for everything, always the easiest, nicest recipes, this is no exception,” says a mum. Or, find a recipe that uses wholewheat flour, as Renée would recommend we all do.

Cook Me A Rhyme

Fantastic for engaging kids over an entire afternoon, recommends a mum of a baby. Spiral bound story and recipes in a nursery rhyme style. How much fun is that? For ages 5-11.

Green Soup

Not to be confused with our pesto sauce, above, which does look similar. (Green soup on pasta, hmm, could it take off?). A healthier, more nutritious, easy-to-make soup than this you won’t find.


French series of recipe books, with “really funny videos,” says a mum of 3. And as we know, the French can cook! Dishes as elegant and stylish as we would expect. The one pictured will please most kids. With 25 million fans (says their website) they are not to be sniffed at! 

Chocnut Spread

Nutella uses palm oil. Palm oil comes from deforested trees. Nutella kills wildlife. Don’t eat Nutella, kids! Make your own. Using this simple, healthier (far less sugary) version. It’ll keep for months – if you leave it alone! Recommended by a mum of 1. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

“Happy comfort food, go easy on the chilli,” says this dad. We’ve gotta say, we never fail to be inspired by our community and the recommendations you all share. Information that we once gleaned from reading a multitude of magazines we can now access via Kinfo. Anyway, what we mean is, this is what we’ll be cooking this weekend, thank you for the tip ?

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