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We hope you are managing to stay safe and sane.
We wish we could lift the lockdown measures or come up with a miracle pill to get rid of the Covid-19. But we are not wizards. Yet.
We are simply parents and the best we can so is share what works for families like yours.

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Dr M. Konczynski advice

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 period, we’ve been talking to Dr M. Konczynski who is giving us updates and advice:

The situation in the UK and across all European countries is overall still critical.
So let’s make sure that:

We all wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds regularly
We stay home (even if the weather is gorgeous)
We keep 2m distance from others (if we need to go out)

Wearing a mask would help but there is a massive shortage of efficient ones. Priority is given to people who are in contact with the virus. Plus there is no need really if we all stay home.

And if you want to access verified information, you can always trust the WHO website. 

Dr M. Konczynski

And you,
dear mum, dear dad, dear friend,
have you discovered any gems online?
Any service that have helped you and your family?



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