"There are two classes of travel: first-class and with children.”

Robert Benchley


Schools have started breaking up, some families have already escaped the city heat for more relaxing destinations, where the sea laps against the shore, routine flies out the window, and kids wear nothing but shorts for 6 weeks.

We cannot wait to join you!

But let's get there in one piece, unphased by delayed flights or long car journeys...

It won't be easy. We know travel can be arduous for most kids under 14. Take lots of breaks and try out some of these recommendations. Then share one of your own on Kinfo app for other parents to try. Consider it a good deed.

Oh and we've made you a Spotify playlist, to make the journey more fun. But if that doesn't silence the siblings, whack on Classic FM, turn up the volume, and let Brahms sort them out!

Word Game

"Here is the answer, what is the question?" asks Noel Janis-Norton.

Noel is internationally known for her distinctive Calmer, Easier Happiermethods that show parents how to improve family life (see her books and audio, here). She's also a grandmother and loves playing games with her grandchildren. This is one they enjoy together.

Pick one word, e.g. SNORKELLING and ask your kids to guess the question, e.g. What do you wear a mask and flippers for?

Noel is also a regular speaker at Kinfo's sold out "Kids & Tech" events. The next one is a webinar on Monday July 16 evening. So, if you want expert advice on how to revert to less digitally dictated pastimes, come and join us online! Info here

Matilda (Audio)


Pick up most Roald Dahl audio CDs and your kids can enjoy fun-fuelled fantasies while you're guaranteed a peaceful ride, off and away on the motorway to adventure. Matilda is told by actress and mum of 3, Kate Winslet and has "squelchy sound effects," says the review on Kinfo.

Melissa and Doug Travel Hangman


"The kids love this and they learn to spell new words together - result!" says this dad. Includes one wooden game board with 37 flippable tiles, an erasable whiteboard and a dry-erase marker and eraser.

Hasbro Battleship Game


"A perfect gift," says a mum of 3. We used to spend hours playing this when we were little, too. Teaches strategy skills and it definitely kept us quiet during the holidays. Line up your ships and guess where your opponent put theirs.

Azoomee App

5-12 years

A BAFTA-nominated, NSPCC-supported app with "very clever audio books when travelling," says a mum of 1. Also features age-appropriate – Azoomee means 'safe haven' in Japanese – art, music, games and puzzles. Good news for larger families is it allows multi-account use. Download it here.

Llamas in Pyjamas Mini Game

3-6 years

A quirky and fun card-matching game. "Perfect for popping in your bag and taking on holiday," writes a mum of 2. "One of the only games my kids play with over again and again, with no fighting."

Bluetooth Car Adaptor

The best £15 you can spend, especially if you have a child that suffers from travel sickness –we find that singing really helps. Plug it in to your cigarette lighter, tune your radio dial to the frequency number that lights up, connect your bluetooth settings on your mobile phone, andvoila! Access to your apps, such as Spotify. And here below is a playlist for you! 

Kinfo's Summer Road Trip Playlist on Spotify

In my mind, Summer Holidays as a child were instrumental in creating some of my happiest, most cherished memories. I feel like I spent almost all of them running through sprinklers, splashing around paddling pools, eating warm pitta bread and picking strawberries.

A fair chunk of this precious time off school was also spent in the back of a rather warm car, heading away to the South. These road trips were exciting at first, but really, after the first hour or two they became fairly arduous for all parties. The saving grace of any long journey was that my parents were (and still are) all-consuming music lovers.

So, once we'd tired of "I Spy", and all the snacks had vanished, we were left cruising through lavender fields listening to The Doobie Brothers on full volume, blasting our sort-of-correct lyrics. It wasn’t just the cathartic experience of rushing past beautiful scenes to music, but the education I got from listening to ‘adult music’, that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It is in this spirit that this playlist has been created. Part music education, part cathartic experience on the open road. Enjoy.



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