This week is all about school...
Specifically, what to buy the kids, how to be stylish (or neatly turned out, at least), with smart recommendations for accessories, footwear or general grooming, which we've enjoyed handpicking from the app.

Let us know how you prepare for a new term. Share your tips with us (and a few thousand others). They will thank you.

Tinc Stationery

Hardwearing and practical, only a few pink styles are left, at half price, so be quick! "A colourful, creative world of extraordinary stationery," says a dad. Top spelling tip: cArs are stationAry and the other = pencils. You're welcome.

The Worry Box

A book to help ages 3+ alleviate their fears and face any small niggles and worries that may be clouding up their bonny little souls. A perfect read for any child starting reception.

Healthy Snacks

Deliveries of nutritional snacks to smash those requisite RDA's out of the park... Pear crisps, coconut bars and pretzels. Yum. A mum of 3 keeps a box stashed in the car, promptly snapping hunger pangs in the bud. 

Stainless Steel Flask

Mmm. Pasta or soup for lunch this fine, crisp day? Small in size, big in heat, they keep food warm until the bell says it's time to eat. Recommended by a mum of 1 – who, incidentally, has used hers for years. 

Treads Shoes

"A new generation of shoes," exclaims the website. We like what they are saying, it has to be said. This mum just bought a pair for her son and is already impressed by the promises: 12 months guarantee, 30 days satisfaction, smart design, and a great price. We hope they'll add a girls' range!


This fashion-forward Australian brand has a speciality: sequins and furry fluff (pencil cases and bags). And these key chains are a pocket-money friendly fiver each. Recommended by a dad whose daughter is crazy about them. 

Pedal Me App

Car broke down, feel like a treat? Be like this parent, hire the cargo bike to get the kids to school. Fun and environmentally friendly. "The guys are reliable and super kind," we're told. A ten-minute two-mile journey will cost around £8.

Head Lice Treatment 

Squeezing this one in. Consider giving your kids the once over, just to be sure, or stock up, order online, be ready.... "This is the only treatment that works," opines a dad of 3.

Mrs Wordsmith

A spelling tool with hilarious pictures, such a great way to fast track comprehension of new words; brightly coloured cartoons are much more affective than any text book. "Brilliant idea!" says this parent. 

Mobile Hairdresser

"Can't recommend her enough," says a mum of 2. "Her haircuts are fun and grow out beautifully." The website's a good-looker too, we think. Yes, we'll try this one out...

The Back-to-School Playlist

Wow, that was quick! 

Summer 2018 is coming to a close and my goodness, what a summer it has been! Back-to-School needn’t be glum, though. So to get you and your kids into the spirit of a new school year we’ve compiled a playlist of super uplifting, stylish tracks for you to pump out on the school (car) run that will start everyone's day on the right foot.