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The National Trust

An independent charity and membership organisation for environmental and heritage conservation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.



National Trust stately homes, castles and gardens can be found all over the British Isles. Memberships packages come in all shapes and sizes, or you can buy visitor tickets on the day.

Many of the ones below run summer workshops, from puppet-making to being a Victorian for a day. One has an open-air theatre, one celebrates 100 years since the first female MP was elected, another celebrates 40 years of the Polka Theatre. All have walks, play areas and cafes, with an occasional ice-cream van, teddy bears picnic and even an annual family camping weekend among them. Plenty of choice for your family!

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Ightham Mote


"A beautiful castle with moat. We discovered the green man, which is a symbol of fertility,” says a mum of 3.

Cliveden Garden


“Blown away by our visit,” says a mum of 2, whose family hired a boat, did some bird spotting and had a picnic on the lawns.

Polesden Lacey


“Walled gardens and a natural play area,” says one mum about this beautiful site.

Kniver Edge


Find a freedom rock, follow trails, and discover a cave inhabited way back in 14C, tips this parent.

Morden Hall Park

SW London

"Brilliant facilities, cafes, a garden centre, lots of bridges to play Pooh sticks…” writes a parent of 2.

Claremont Landscape Garden


“Clear paths for strolls and plenty of grass to run around on,” says a mum of 2.

Osterley Park and House

West London

“Always something on, from a big camp night, to junior park run, to open air cinema,” says this mum.

Basildon Park


“Start with a pub stop on the river, then spend an afternoon strolling around one of the lovely walks around the mansion,” says a mum of 3.



Prehistoric stones, how they got there no-one knows. But mystical and magical they truly are. Recommended by a mum of 3.

Summer Road Trip

Travel with Mr Kinfo's selection of tunes, hand-picked for your long-distance listening pleasure!

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