Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

Interesting fact for the kids:
The word solstice comes from the Latin words sol - sun and sistere - to stand still.

Interesting fact for the carers:
The app features dozens of summer camps, get ready to drop your kids and trot off to work (your backyard, the beach...) knowing that because these are tested and highly recommended, the kids might not want to come home.

Flip Out

North London

Recommended by a mum of 3, we've been to both Wandsworth and Brent Cross venues, both are great, both are lusted after... so it's a joy to see the Brent Cross branch hosting summer camps. What kid would say no to jumping sessions, drama and art? Not ours. Full week bookings only, £125, 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, with single day bookings being opened up at the start of July.

Curious Wild

East London

If your 4-11 year old is mud for it, slip on some wellies and join the gang at St James Park, Walthamstow on Saturday. You've missed out booking onto the 3-day August camp, it's sold out, so trial this one ready for next year? Tomorrow's forest school is £8. Warning, lessons may contain worms or slugs...

First Hand Experiences


For good looking, nature-based – with added theatre and music – day camps in Kent, book here. Plus they do 3-night stays, from £350. Recommended by a couple of keen mums, one of whom rates the time-stopping, rose-smelling, non-screen-time adventures that her kids have.

Da Silva Twaekon-Do


Children start as a Lil Warrior (age 5/6) and punch and kick their way up to a Junior (age 7-11), learning about technical kicking, patterns, sparring and self-defence. We're not sure what days the classes run but get in touch with them, here.

Camp Wilderness


Wild swimming, archery, cooking, foraging... These camping camps for 3 days or more are held in various locations. This mum says the staff were enthusiastic and her kids loved everything about the camp.

Lemon ArtLab

East London

For £50 (and less for extra siblings), send your kid to an art museum with this unique club. Early drop offs are allowed so you can get a full day at work. Recommended by a mum of 2.

Lee Valley Star Track

East London

Brilliant athletics sessions for kids in the holidays. "Affordable, fun and uses family equipment," says this dad of 2. Beginner to experienced running, hurdles, javelin and more can be followed by a lengthy stroll around Lee valley en famille. Perfect.

Blue Shift Coding

West London

Luckily for those kids who want to tax their brains during the holidays, there is something for everyone and every age in this beautiful city. These 5-day courses are for brain boxes aged 5 and upwards and are "fantastic," declares a mum of 2.

Star Diving


South Londoners are no strangers to Guildford's Spectrum centre, one of the largest leisure centres in the UK. And to give kids a taste of diving, we've seen no better course (have you – please share it!). Book the 2-hour, 4-day sessions that take place on dry land and in the pool, and the kids will soon be springing through the air...


Kinfo presents...
Kids and Tech: How to Build A Positive Relationship?
With professional parenting coach, Noel Janis-Norton.
Monday 1 July, in Twickenham.
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