Hello everyone!

Yay, just over 5 weeks till Christmas Day. Are your pay packets being put to good use already on: the odd gift, food order, charity donation...It's not too early to talk about it, then?

London always throws up heaps of Christmas fun to be enjoyed by all the family. We had a good time trawling the app to handpick these suggestions recommended by our community. Got more to share? Tell us! 

Natural History Museum Ice Rink

A mum of 2 tips when to go and what to do once you get there. Log onto the app to find out more! The fairy tale setting is up and running for the season, open daily 10-10. We know, it feels like last year’s was only just dismantled, how quickly the months slip by... 

Tower of London ice skating

For the eastenders, and back with a bigger rink... From this weekend, skate around the moat surrounded by medieval walls. The hot chocolate and marshmallows were an additional highlight of a lovely evening’s skate, says this parent.

Winter Wonderland

Feeling flush? An ice rink, Bavarian village, circus, karaoke, cinema, and the Teletubbies – organised fun doesn’t get much grander, or more expensive. Central London’s Hyde Park hosts the biggest festive production you’ll ever find this side of Lapland. Recommended by a mum of 2.

Union Chapel Carols

“So pretty, especially at the candlelit carols,” says a mum of 1. And don’t the locals know it. In other words, because it’s free, expect queues! Sunday Dec 16th is this year’s date for traditional carols, mince pies, the famous organ and a truly Xmassy atmosphere.

Somerset House

Ooo, can't wait to go to this! The building is a peaceful haven, our tipper writes on the app. Inside is busy, with a Snoopy “and the enduring power of Peanuts” exhibition. Author Schulz made feeling emotional and vulnerable as a child sweet and acceptable. Who’ll love the story behind the story more, you or the kids? Doesn’t matter, under-12s go free, it's a win-win.

A Pirate's Life For Me

Ahoyyy derr younger kids! Because not everyone celebrates Christmas, Bethnal Green’s kiddy museum has developed an immersive, swashbuckling world of adventure that’s been years in the making, featuring favourite fictional characters, where ages 2-8 set sail in search of treasure. Active play at its best. Recommended by a mum of 1

Warner Bros Studios

A dad of 2 has recommended this full day out north of Watford... well ok, just 3 miles north of Watford. For the holidays, starting this weekend, they are throwing tinsel and glitter, turkey (on the grand hall table) and never-melting snow and ice to the festive trappings included in the ticket price..


South London’s answer to Winterland, just as magical and a little bit edgier, run by esteemed London festival promoters. Family films by Backyard Cinema a Christmas Labyrinth, fairground rides and art and craft areas hint at all that will be on offer at Clapham Common. 

Over the coming few weeks we’re going to be creating the best Christmas playlist you have ever heard. New songs added every week. Old and new. Head to our Facebook page to make requests. Ho Ho Ho.