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A system providing a public need, or, the action of helping or doing work for someone

"Look at what I found! A new service that helps me to teach new words to my child! Oh and it's not screen based."




We all need our pillars to lean on. Family, friends, neighbours... And let's not forget the professionals, sometimes it's just easier and more productive to call one in. Whether that's to put up a blind, tutor your child, or to gain a little "me time", someone out there can help.

Here are a few of the recommended services taken from Kinfo app.

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Find a Babysitter: Bubble

A fellow app created by parents, for parents that has impressed a mum of 2. Download the app, enter your kids's ages, the times you require, wait for your live request to be answered and contact any of the options that appear within minutes. Sitters cost from £10 per hour plus a £3.50 booking fee.

Pedal Me

“Checked, reliable and kind,” claims a parent about these cyclists who will transport you (or your kids) using their wheels. An environmentally-friendly, fun way to do the school run should the car break down. Pedal Me operate within a 5-mile radius of Waterloo.


These organic wholesome, delicious baby and children's meals have been a “lifesaver” to this stressed mum. Natural food, no added sugar, artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives (gluten/diary/egg free options also available). Either order age-specific meals, or a stew or curry to feed a family of 4 (£30).


“Really useful way to start children off with their accounts,” says this mum of 3. Kids watch their pennies turn into pounds via the app (on your phone). Incentivise them to earn more by setting pocket money chores. These debit cards are accepted in most shops and cost £2.99 a month.


A styling service that will mail you a box of clothes based on the individual answers you fill in for each young recipient. Keep only what you want! A busy mum of 3, who is probably too busy to spend hours shopping for stylish clothes, recommends this stylish wardrobe refresher. For ages 3-10.

Sounds Right Phonics Classes

“Fun, high energy classes open a world of literacy to children and teach early phonics skills,” says a mum of 2. Classes are available for children from 3 months old up to the age of 4. They won't, the company alleges, even realise they are learning, they will be having that much fun.

Debate Mate

Recommended by a parent, mentors run after-school debate clubs (particularly in areas of high child poverty) to develop key employability skills and encourage positive character attributes. Used by businesses and charities, this really is an an esteemed and worthy service.

My Tutor

Find a tutor to steer your child through the 11+ (or just through their homework!). A mum of 3 rates the simplicity of the platform and the quality of the tutors. Make an account, browse the high calibre uni students, meet one or two online first, then book and click video links to commence lessons. Result? Focused, attentive kids!

Mrs Wordsmith

Beautifully illustrated and fun-to-learn daily words available as work sheets or fabulous "Storytelling" dictionary books. "Encourages the learning of new descriptive words in a different and playful format. Brilliant idea!" says this mum of 3. We at Kinfo HQ also salut the company for this innovative and successful concept that uses stunning graphics to inspire kids.

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