If you are a user of our fabulous, game-changing app, you may have bought Christmas presents that are still being played with now. Because, everything featured has been recommended by parents for parents. All killer no filler, as they say.

Families often watch kids tear the wrapping off their gifts, play with them once, then discard them at the bottom of a toy box... So every new year, we ask the Kinfo community for their most popular presents. Then we pass their wisdom on. So your well-earned money is never discarded like, well, like old wrapping paper.

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“Perfect for those imaginative little beings who thrive on writing notes, creating charts and making lists,” one parent writes. Among all the bright typography and good humour are plenty of positive, inspirational messages. A cute insight into your child’s world of friends, thoughts and dreams (if you’re allowed to read them, that is).

Warrior Cats

Adventures among relatable, strong, feline personalities are peppered with life-affirming principals about survival and hierarchy, in a flowing, engaging, descriptive prose. “The first book was so good we bought the box set,” says this dad. Note, there are violent cat fights!

Nerf Laser Ops Pro

No more losing foam bullets or arguing over points. "A bit noisy but bearable,” says a mum of 3. Her boys love these. With lights and sounds, a quick reload and the potential to progress to advanced play by downloading an app (strapping a phone to wrists), who can blame them

Risk Europe

Step into the medieval king’s role and rule Europe. Build castles, expand territories and engage in battle. “My kids prefer it to their screens. AWESOME!” says a mum of 2. Kingdoms, castles, and armies -brilliant! Fort-what??

Habo Dino World

Cool dinosours, need we say more? Ok, so there are big ones and small ones, oh and a lot of card flicking. This mum of enjoys watching her 2 improve their prehistoric hunting skills.

Emoji Card Game

Because good card games last longer than the holidays, oh and most families we know have succumbed to, then raved about, the enjoyment this one brings. "Hilarious game, " says one mum. Older kids will join in, too.


Make 20 different cars using puzzle and worksheets to build models. The set encourages 2D and 3D play with designs to replicate. “A really fun STEM tool and our most played with toy. We have created rockets, cars and houses,” says a mum of 4.

Sum Swamp

A short 10-minute play game that kids won’t realise is, in fact, educating them... because it’s so much fun to play. Make your way across the swamp adding and subtracting 0-6 numbers, learning about odd and even numbers. “It keeps getting pulled down from the shelf to play and has increased my 5yo’s confidence in maths.”

Cheaters Monopoly

“Cheaters will finally win!” says a mum of 3. Fake a die roll, skip your rent, be handcuffed to jail… just don't get caught. Play your cheat cards in this fun family game. Like the original, the most money wins.


A big present that'll surely keep science fans quiet for months. This STEM track present comprises of 100 components and everything that a (1+) player needs to get started. Teaches kids about gravity, magnetism and kinetic energy, the parent's recommendation says.

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