Summer camp


A camp providing recreational and/or sporting facilities for children during the summer holiday period.
“Six weeks to plan for and I’ve got to work, let’s book them into a summer camp.”

In between all the ice-creams and splashing about in pools, many of us will have to work this summer. As we all know, the most popular holiday clubs fill up quickly. So it’s better to book now, before we have to think about a Plan B.

This is why we’re sharing a few of the recommendations available on the Kinfo app.

Coding, colouring, running, forest camping… there’s something for everyone, whatever their (creative vs nerdy vs sporty) genetic makeup may be. But whatever we go with, it’s essential that the kids wake up excited to go. Guilt and heat don’t mix well.

Download Kinfo to discover more holidays camps from all over the isles. And please continue to share recommendations on Kinfo, it will help other families. So tell us, what did your kids do last summer that you would recommend

Fire Tech Camps

London, Bristol, Cambridge, Reading, Surrey

Teachers are sourced from the best colleges in the country, so prices aren’t cheap, but if coding is your kid’s thing this is the place to go for more involved study. One parents kids have made mobile apps, 3D games, websites and more. Impressed? Find a course here.

Kids With Brains

East London

Kids are separated into two age groups, 5-7 and 8-11 years. Science experiments, crafts and outdoor play are included in the camps, bookings can be made here. “Amazing, run by an energetic teacher,” says a mum of 2.

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