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Nov 10, 2018

Vocal/instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
"His kids loved dancing and singing to the music"


Music. We all love it. It's the one thing that unites the world: all creeds, ranks, and colours. Positively affecting the good people, at least.

Christmas is a time for music. Not the tinny jingles piped through department stores, (and note, this week we've been told that listening to too much Christmas music is bad for your health) – but for community carols, school concerts, Salvation Army street bands, retrospective TV shows... 

See our Top 6 London Charity Carol Concerts on bothKinfo app and website. Amazing historic venues, gospel choirs, celebrities and orchestral delights; which one will you pick?

We looked on Kinfo for sonic inspiration and found these:

Fun Kids

There’s so much to love about this radio station. The Club with Bex. The Pop 7 at 7. Apps like the Book Club and the award-winning Science Weekly. Tune in via a digital radio or Listen Live on the website and app. This mum of 2 says it has introduced her kids to new music.

London Philarmonic Orchestra

Kids aged 7+ may attend the evening concerts of one of the world's greatest orchestras. They also stage family events: the next FUNharmonics day in March will allow kids (from age 2) loose on their instruments, tickets are already selling. Recommended by a dad of 3.

High School Musical DVDs

One easy way to stave off a rainy Sunday and a bargain stocking filler at that, recommended by a mum. Featuring all-singing, all-dancing A-lister Zac Efron pre "The Greatest Showman" notoriety. 

Mini Mozart

Interactive music adventures for babies and toddlers. Sessions take place in various locations throughout London, see here. "Amazing class with live professional musicians. Always with a great story," says a mum of 1.

Sony Walkman

"My son's favourite Christmas present," says this parent. Once kids get to a certain age they want to listen to music in their downtime, alone, and this small music player not only sounds good, it looks good. Load with some of their fave tracks and feel the (muted) love all Christmas Day! 


Comfortable, durable, warm even. "Great headphones for a teen, with a back-up cable for when the battery is down," says a mum of 3. They aren't big on bass, which could be a good thing.


Family accounts to stream nearly every kind of music costs £14.99 p/m. Search for and receive recommendations based on music you like. You can have a free account, or, share an ad-free / listen offline Premium account, £9.99 p/m. 

My First Electric Piano

A lovely gift for an aspiring musician, or two, siblings could share. Starter music instruments don't come much more colourful (or noisy) than this beauty. "Wish we'd bought it for our kids but the nieces have one and it's so cute. Because it looks good they are drawn to it more," says this parent.


Music is like a lens for the spectrum of life’s experience - get kids onto the rollercoaster with our great playlists, all of which have been updated this week!

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