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The Christmas spirit is the art of giving



Haven't done your shopping yet?

Let's be kinder to the planet and local business when we shop for Christmas this year.
Let's think of experiences, rather than plastic toys.

Kinfo app is a source of inspiration.
Everything you need this Christmas has been recommended by parents who have tested everything for you.


Below are our a few handpicked and inspiring selections.

Paultons Park


Ongoing until Dec 23, Peppa Pig World (at the bottom of the M3) has had a festive makeover. Peppa and George can be found singing twice daily, there's a 4D sleigh ride, Santa's grotto (buy tickets in advance) and a musical Christmas tree. “A lot of fun,” says a mum of 3. Babies will adore the illuminations.

Organic Zoo 

Beautiful organic clothes for little boys and girls who want to feel comfy, while looking cute, of course. Many mums have recommended this gorgeous online brand, and so do we.

This Little Piggy Counting Book

Recommended by a mum of 2. Piggies with superpowers and a lot of talent (we're talking more than jumping in muddy puddles) expressively and engagingly teach tiny tots to count from 1 to 100.

Recommended by a dad for his 2-year-old, this classic tale is highly entertaining. The story follows a burglar who accidentally steals a baby (note, it's one to laugh at, not cry to!).

UK Go-karting

South London

The youngest can have a go at go-karting. Pop ages 4+ behind the wheels and test their steering prowess, driving 4-10mph along a track! "The hour-long birthday parties are lots of fun," says a dad.

The Space Train

Travel into funky territories with this stunning intergalactic adventure book packed with fun flap lifting facts and vivid illustrations. Recommended by a mum of 3.

Banjo Robinson

Recommended by a mum of 2, this subscription service has amazed her 6-year-old. Banjo is a travelling cat that sends letters from all over the world to children, and they respond. These personalised letters turn reading, writing and learning more about the world into a magical game.

Gorilla Circus - Trapeze School

An indulgent circus experience that the kids will talk about all summer. Learn the moves of a circus acrobat starting on the lower bar, descending off the platform, before climbing up the ladder to try the real thing. The best participants will be invited to attempt a “catch” with the instructor. Info here.


Recommended by a dad of 3, this subscription service has numerous options and is flexible (you can end it whenever you like). The child who reviewed it said it is "like Lego but better".


Keep them practising their reflex actions at home (people have 0.3 seconds to react to a ball, so quick thinking is paramount), with a table tennis net that's "more than just a table tennis net." Recommended by a mum of 2, these can be set up on most kitchen tables.

DIY Circus Lab

Your home may well be transformed into a Big Top after one read of this mega activity book. The manual gives our future greatest showmen tuition on various circus skills. "A great opportunity for the whole family to get involved," says a mum of 2. Some tasks require adult supervision.

Five Boys Clothing

If you too have a child who loves "light and soft" jumpers, have a look at this great online shop. They sell beautiful organic clothes, mainly for boys but not exclusively! Check their "outlet" section in their website with special prices.


“Best experience of my life,” said one mum’s boy. High praise indeed. Ringing in at under £30 is a "first time virtual reality flyer" voucher, which will give the recipient the equivalent of TWO sky dives. Kids as young as 3 are permitted, but because entertaining pre-teens is harder the older (cooler, more distant...) they get, we are recommending it for 11+.

Komnata Escape Room 

A ticket to an Escape Room is another great gift for the 11+ who, as we say, can be hard to impress! A mum has shared a useful tip about this venue, find it on the app. Oh, and we have a feature on the "Top Family Escape Rooms in London" to share. If you'd like to read it, all you have to do is invite someone to join Kinfo. Link here.

100 Things To Know About Space

We'll sign off today by flying far into orbit, engrossed in this wonderful 128-page entertaining book that's rammed with facts on the galaxy, the stars, the solar system, planets, moons, space travel and discoveries, recommended by a dad of 2. Happy weekend and shopping to all!

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