"All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen" – Matilda

Welcome to our penultimate book review this month. 

We've received great feedback about our summer-long romp through the Kinfo library. If you missed any of these weekly newsletters, find them here (and on the app).

All we ask is, if you take one book out, pop one back? Together we can teach our kids how to sift through the wood to find the best literature. 

Maybe we'll include your tip next week. Other parents will thank you.

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Bedtime with Ted

Sophy Henn


Ted is too busy for bath time. Ted is, in fact, a little mischievous, but we like that. "Bold colours and simple lines, one of the few books that we enjoy all together, baby and toddler," approves this mum.

Look What I Made!

Make Believe Ideas


Fifty pages packed with "very first activities" including colouring, stickers and games. Ideal for those little stolen lattes on the move! Recommended by a mum of 2.

Secrets of the Mountains

Libby Wilden


A hardback with stunning pictures, a wonderful gift for toddlers who can learn to connect with nature (it's never to early to love a mountain?). "A beautiful lyrical story about the flora and fauna on the mountainside. Grown-ups will like it too," says a mum of 2.

Benny and Penny

Geoffrey Hayes


"Perfect for reading out loud, with vintage style illustrations. First comics for little ones," says a mum of 2. The author's TOON books are multi award-winning – the kind of books your kids' shelves need!


Roald Dahl


A mum of 2 tips this absolute classic. (It's about a bookworm, we had to include it, right?). Kids love the story so much that they want to read it, watch the film, see the musical, sing the songs, wear the costume on World Book Day...

Warrior Cats - Into the Wild

Erin Hunter


"Cats and clans with funny names and the moral in this book is: fight for what's yours," reads one review on Kinfo. Universally addictive, fans will be begging, buying or borrowing the entire series before long.

The Week Junior


A parent of 2 rates this weekly postal subscription. Current events are written in a "clear, child-friendly manner" alongside environmental stories, tales of animal welfare, politics and recommended apps and books. New subscribers get the first 6 issues free.


Kinfo's Ultimate Reading Playlist on Spotify 

It’s been well documented that using your electronic device before bedtime can disturb sleep patterns, stimulating the eyes and mind with a stream of notifications and moving images.

What’s the antidote to this? And how can you help a young mind get the sleep it desperately needs to develop and grow?

Reading is one of the best things a child can do before sleep to help your brain gradually switch off - combining this with the soothing music we’ve refreshed our playlist with this week to ensure they’re ready and willing for the dreaded back to school.

Isabelle, Kinfo founder
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