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Noun - the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.
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Will it, won't it snow this week? Yes, probably. Will the country grind to a halt, trains stop running, schools close for the day? No, probably not. But we wouldn't mind if they did. We'd happily try out many of these art and craft ideas handpicked from Kinfo app with a mug of hot chocolate by our sides.

Be safe, keep warm!

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How To Make The Stars

"Very easy" says this mum of two. And the results are brilliant. Just get some paper, scissors and glue. Now they can say that they know how to make stars. You too 🙂

Giant Colouring Poster

“Beautiful poster” that this mum unrolls for a collective colouring session. Tack it to the wall, she suggests. There are many varieties but being rather partial to a fiesta, we’ve got our eye on this one.

My Kids Time

“We have bookmarked this site and started collecting tins and egg containers. At last, craft activities that cool tweens will want to do.” It can be difficult finding projects to appeal to this age group but these look fun. Minimum outlay costs, too.

Tate Modern

The best for views, chilling out space (on the swings in the Turbine Hall) with fabulous exhibitions, both free and paying. Currently, a story of art from 1900 to the present day features images of over 3,500 works. Tipped by a mum of 1.

Lake Colouring App

For kids glued to their screens (and to please their parents who would like them to be a bit more creative), here is a vibrant collection of colouring books from Instagram’s finest illustrators. My kids love it!” says a mum of 2. “Time well spent.” Free week’s trial then £2.79 a week.

Mix Up Clay Putty

One mum of 3 - with kids of all ages - likes this no mess, £5.95, super soft and light clay that air dries in 6 hours.

Clay Time Studio

Popular Finsbury Park day time venue offers kids classes and party hire where young ones can learn the basics of pottery. Recommended by a mum of 2.

Design Museum

"Create and Make" drop-ins run monthly at this west London museum (next on Sunday Jan 27) and during half term, offering ages 5–11 the chance to learn how to be a designer.

The Mindfulness Playlist By Kinfo. 

Here is our latest playlist to help you calm and relax your little ones. While they are drawing, maybe - updated with 7 hours of music.
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