This is exactly what our mothers would say to us if we complained!

Modern life doesn't allow for children to get bored, which is a shame. The constant influx of distraction and stimulation makes us wonder how they will ever think creatively.

But it's no fun for any parent when they start whining.

Our app will help you to source a wide selection of non-screen activities. To start, get out the board games and paint brushes using these tips below.


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Bon weekend!


One for the older kids. The original is also recommended on the app, but this mum of 3 says time flies with this version. Players are challenged to step back in time and rule feudal Europe. "No-one looks at the clock or at their screens!".

DOS Card Game

Match numbers, match colours, but get rid of all your cards! It took this family a while to get to grips with the rules, but then it was all systems go. "Perfect as a gift," is the tip. Uno-who?

Greedy Gorilla

A fun way to encourage healthier food choices among ages 4-8. Banish junk food cards by posting them in the gorilla's mouth. He'll burp, which caused this mum's kids to "squeal with delight". (Batteries required).

Ravensburger Puzzles

A mum of 1 recommends the brand, her family has several puzzles (and others have tipped their games on the app, too). If your child enjoys puzzles, then lucky you! Rainbows are likely to show themselves long before they finish.

The Imagination Tree

Make an Elmer the Elephant by using an empty milk jug and coloured tissue paper squares. A great craft for kids to try, plus more rainy-day crafts to get stuck into.


Brain-boosting 2D and 3D puzzles that aim to improve critical thinking skills and spatial reasoning. "My boys like the challenge of the builds but also the idea that they can still level up." This parent recommends starting with the easier version.

Little Party Hacks

Get crafting with the littles using this great online resource. We like the look of these flower garlands made from paper cake cases, recommended by a mum of 2. Something you'll keep forever!

Play Hooray!

"A brilliant community of ideas and prompts to engage children of all ages," says a mum of 2. Select a bundle to buy, there are 100 cards to a pack, and use the simple "playprompts" for creative inspiration. The journey cards could be especially useful on long car journeys.

Funky Crafts Ideas

Recommended by a dad of 2. It's another wreath, pictured, using egg cups in place of cake papers. We made one ourselves after featuring it last year and there it hangs in our hallway looking rather artistic.

Vegan Cookies

A plethora of recipes that use 5 ingredients costing under a fiver in total should have us all eating like vegan Kings and Queens! These cookies are delicious and cheap. Thank you to the mum of 2 who recommends them!

For more recipes, toys, games... log on! Share your recommendations for other families here!