A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required.
"Look, I found the recipe for a perfect pesto!"

Cooking with kids has plenty of benefits, according to this article. It's so inspiring to read that we're already reaching for our sieves and scales.

If you need recipe ideas, here is a selection of recommendations found on Kinfo app. There are vegetarian ones, gluten-free ones, alfresco, traditional, and sweet and savoury ones. Oh and we also have a special mum's recipe too, see below.

We hope you enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Remember, don't worry about the mess.

Thank you to everyone for sharing recommendations on the app. Other parents are grateful. Let's keep going.

So tell us, what is your family's favourite recipe?

Pizza Rustica

One for the vegetarians. Spinach, onion, shortcrust pastry and cottage cheese. A mum of 1 says this is "a hit with adults and children, simple to make, and yummy hot or cold". Hello, sunny bank holiday weekend picnic ☀

Apricot, Apple & Cranberry Bars

Mmm, this looks fun for little hands. Easy – and yes, a little bit sugary – but there is a lot of fruit involved too, plus wholemeal flour and oats. Which makes them a lot healthier than your usual flapjacks.

Vegetarian Curry

Mild and utterly delicious, according to this mum. Take a little potato, turmeric and spinach and follow the detailed method for peak, flavoursome results. Eat it as a side or straight up. Cajole fussy kids into having a mouthful each time and they'll be eating vindaloos in no time.

Kale Crisps

Magic can be made with a 500g bag of kale! Jamie Oliver's version, recommended on the app, includes sesame seeds, but they are just as good without. "We love making crispy kale when we've maxed our crisps quota for the month. Kids like it too!" we are told

Fancy Fish Fingers

Recommended (and created) by a dad, this full of omega-3 goodness has salmon (or pink fish, as our littles call it) and oats. A bit like breakfast and lunch rolled into one, perhaps? Fun to make, nice to eat. A perfect #fishfridays treat. Serve with tartare sauce or ... ketchup! 

Kitchen Stories

Refer to this website whenever you need inspiration on what to cook. It is "a bible" for the middle son of this mum of 3. We’re loving their picnic recipes here. Summer, we are feeling you.


So easy to make, so why do we still buy ready-made ones? Eggs, sugar, vanilla... et voila! See the app for a top tip offered by a mum of 3. It will make your life tastier and environmentally-friendlier: no more plastic-packaged purchases needed.

Gluten-free Crumble

"You’d never know it was gluten-free, it tastes so good." One parent's 3 kids love this twist on the traditional crumble. It's crammed with almonds, gluten-free flour and superfood berries. All that remains is, cream, custard or ice cream?

Pasta al Pesto Sauce

Green, healthy, easy sauce to make in large batches. Throw it over some linguine and you'll find yourself transported to Liguria, Italy's most famous basil-growing region. Beliisimo!

Acai Bowl

Renée Elliott is the founder of Planet Organic, and has 3 children, so we completely trust her healthy tips for fussy eaters. She has shared on Kinfo her top feel-good breakfast (snack?). Oh and if you want to know more, check out her fab recipe bible that's all about the 99 super ingredients you want to eat, but don't know how to use. (Pic credit: Karen Thomas)

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