Privacy Policy

We don’t over complicate things, it's already complicated when you’re running an online business. At Kinfo we respect your privacy and that of your little ones. We adopted Privacy by Design, it is a way of thinking about and acting in favour of your privacy in advance and building privacy into our services. We wrote this privacy policy to help you understand your rights, our obligations and outline how data is treated when you interact with our app. We’d like to summarize the policy in a few commitments to you:

            Our commitments to you:

  1.  We clearly express our Policy and keep it up to date – last updated May 17th, 2018.
  2.  We only collect information with your consent that is necessary to perform the functions and activities You have agreed to.
  3.  We make sure to implement practices, procedures and systems to comply with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.
  4.  We explain in plain language the type and mechanism of information collected.
  5.  We advise you of the purpose for which your information is collected, stored, used and disclosed.
  6.  We advise you on your rights to information access, rectification and deletion
  7.  We do our best not to let you down. But you can always remind us on [email protected]
  8.  We make sure our 3rd parties are as diligent as we are
  9.  We take the necessary security measures to sift out fraud and protect children from abuse


Through the app

When you sign up for our app, we collect the information you provide – that is your:

  • First name and initial of the last name or full name
  • Email
  • Status (Mum, Dad, others)
  • Photos (optional but nice for other parents in the app)
  • Number of kids
  • The kids’ first names, gender and photos (optional but nice for other parents in the app)
  • Geo localisation once using the app to show you recommended places
  • Online identifier
  • IP address

Content: When you are using Kinfo App, we will collect the text and photos you may share when publishing your recommendation or when you are commenting on an existing recommendation. You acknowledge that we may display this information through Kinfo app. If the content is used outside of Kinfo App (for example on a Third Party website), we will always ask permission and we will hide your last name, photo, name and photo of your children. The only information we will allow the 3rd Party to display is your first name (E.g. Emmy), status (E.g. Mum), number of children (E.g. 2), their age (E.g. 3 and 5 years old), their gender (E.g. boy, girl) and well as your full recommendation. We are also collecting technical information such as the IP address or clickstream but those information are anonymised.

Through the website

We love hearing from you: whether thoughts, comments, questions or just hellos. Send them through. When you fill a contact form on the website, or click on “feedback” on the menu of the app, we collect your name, email and what you choose to share with us.


We’re not hoarders. We only store information on you for as long as you’re using our service. As soon as you you send us a request (to [email protected]) to stop processing your information we delete it completely. In other words, the duration is bound by your using the service.


We only process and store data in the EU. We do not transfer data outside of EEA. Simple as that. We periodically review the integrity of the data servers to make sure that data and the infrastructure that is holding it are safe.


To give you the most privacy guarantees and data protection assurance – we also carefully reviewed and vetted our 3rd parties. They are as privacy oriented as we are and we always keep an eye on them. You have the right to know who these are so without further ado:

  • Cloud storage: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Email outreach: MailChimp
  • Data analytics: Firebase, Appsee
  • Products and service providers: list of providers users bought a service or product from (as they keep changing, simply send us an email to [email protected] to request the list of their names)


The main purpose of information collection is to provide you with our service. We don’t have ulterior motives and your information is not passed to any unaccepted 3rd parties. Look above for the full list.

In case the information we collect comes from a 3 rd party, we will always ask you permission to use them and to register you on Kinfo.

We also use analytical data (anonymised) to understand the trends

We will only use your email for the following:

  • Emailing you important legal and administrative information that are necessary for the provision of our services.
  • Sending you news about KinfoApp (don’t worry no spam)
  • Customising and optimising your experience
  • Asking from time to time how we’re doing and sending service update


We run a tight ship on data protection at Kinfo. We perform staff trainings on the value of personal information and we also have internal data protection documents that everyone abides by. Rest assured, not all staff get access to data – only selected personnel with the highest admin privileges. These are only done to maintain the safety of the data and when done – we keep access logs. We use security measures to protect your data. On a day to day basis we use encryption to add extra levels of security. Periodically, we conduct data protection impact assessments to better prepare for any surprises and to give you peace of mind.


If you see something your little one might like, you will be able to buy it. In doing so, you will be redirected to Amazon where you can independently complete your purchase. Their privacy policy can be found here.


Everything starts and ends with your consent. If you do not agree to some of the purposes listed above, you can opt out at any moment. You have to know what you’re signing up to and we’re being very open about it. If you require additional and personalised help understanding Kinfo’s privacy policy or the services – we are very happy to hear from you via email. Please email us at [email protected]

You have the right to:

  • Access
  • Modify
  • Delete

Your data. If you have any queries, requests or questions please email us on [email protected]. We are required by law to get back to you within 20-40 days. We believe that’s too long of a wait for our awesome users and will accordingly get back to you within 48 hours. In the event of a data breach, and if there is risk to your personal information and online privacy, we will notify you.


This service is intended for users over 18. Parents, if you suspect that your account is being used by minors then write to us immediately on [email protected]


We may disclose any information in response to a legal request, such as a subpoena, court order, or government demand; to investigate or report illegal activity; or to enforce our rights or defend claims. We may also transfer your information to another company in connection with a corporate restructuring, such as a sale or merger.


Name: Kinfo Limited

Company Registration Number: 9840849

Address: 58A Walterton Road, W9 3PJ, UK

Email: [email protected]