Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns.

Sun, sea and sand.

(Overheated cars, overtired kids and sunburn?).

We'll take the rough with the smooth any day, as long as the sun's shining. But then every day will be a great day just being 24/7 with our little ones, oui?

Whatever happens, we'll be beach/pool/garden ready with these super, family-friendly accessories tucked into our luggage. 


"It's just the perfect oudoor game for all the family," says a mum of 3, who's French, so knows her pétanque! Contains 8 finished alloy boules designed to withstand robust sand, yard and patio play. The aim is simple: get as close to the jack as possible, or, throw the boule not too far. 

Snorkel and Mask

The 180° mask guarantees a bigger, better view of lickle fishies. The comfortable silicon face padding and adjustable straps make wearing these a doddle. Size (S) fitted a trio of siblings, tips this dad, but try one on yourselves. 

The Big Book of the Blue

A lovely, sturdy hardback to take to the beach.Why do octopuses have eight arms? Are jellyfish made of jelly? "Jam-packed with amazing facts and the answers to many fishy questions," says a mum of a 4 year old. Yuval Zommer’s witty, quirky, illustrated book appeals all ages.

DryPro Waterproof Cast

The holidays are finally here and little Johnny has broken his arm? Ok, first... breath. Secondly, invest in this. So summer doesn't become a complete write off. "Amazing, completely waterproof," affirms a mum of one. All limbs catered for. Watch yourself Johnny, don't go breaking your other arm now...

Beach Games for Kids!

Hunting and creative games for active kids. "Love, love this book, we took it on a beach holiday a couple of years ago and were inspired to explore the beach much more than we normally would," tips this mum.

Baby Sunshade Stroller Cover

Babies love beaches. All that sand to munch on. But, yes, the heat is always a concern. Step up this baby mother, who recommends a very helpful accessory. "Perfect for keeping little ones shaded and the dark helps with sleep." When you can then enjoy a few peaceful minutes. 

Medical Alert Bracelet

Fast little legs and packed beaches are one of the most stressful combinations. So try these, recommended by a mum of 3 who "didn't want her kids to get lost". Pretty weaves in various colours are fitted with a laser engraved charm, made to order. Ideal for the under-7's. 

P20 Suncream

Hello, fair skin brigade, this one's for you! This special Danish-manufactured cream is "very easy to use," we're told. With one coat everyone can enjoy up to 10 hours protection. £20 for 200 ml. Sorted. Happy shopping.


Kinfo's Star Gazing Playlist on Spotify 

Today's playlist has been put together to be enjoyed in the spirit of reflection and meditative calm, in the great outdoors, gazing up at the thousands of pinpricks of light as the campfire embers begin to fade. 

A special time for any family to reflect and take a moment to appreciate the world around and beyond us.  

Isabelle, Kinfo founder

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