Nice week off? Even if just from the usual chores… organising school lunches, checking homework, operating like a drill...

Time to connect with the family. In woods, parks and valleys. Breathe in fresh air. Reenergise in daylight (and fingers crossed, a little sunlight). Use these selections as inspiration.

Happy bonding!

Isla Bikes

A company that revolutionised bicycles as we knew them, designed by someone unable to find a decent model for themselves. From £300 up to £999, they are hardly a steal, but you could recuperate a big slice back. “All aluminium frames with good proportions. Light and expensive but easy to sell on,” says a mum of 3, who recommends it for the youngest in her family.


Visit without rose-tinted glasses, knowing that the facilities could do with updating and that the inflatables suit stronger, older kids (who must be able to swim 50m). Then, like this mum of 2, you too will have an amazing day. Where else can you learn to wakeboard from the age of 6. Fun, right?

Crealy Adventure Park

Possibly the longest review on the app, an incisive and motivational review by a parent of 2. And we’re grateful. If you are holidaying in the SW of England and passing Exeter, be tempted by her words. Oh and next week, a life-size Peter Rabbit will be making an appearance for meet & greets.

Treasure Trails

Buy a £6 treasure trail for any city, town or village (pretty much, check their locations here). A few are cycling and driving trails, but 85% are to enjoy on foot. They take 2-3 hours, covering 1-3 miles in a circular route, with 20 clues that need solving. “The route will lead you to the best part of parts of the town or city and ensure that you don’t miss anything important,” says a mum of 2. Watch their lovely video for inspiration.

Windsor Great Park

“Great gardens to visit and car free roads for bicycles. Ideal with children. Cafes along the way to stop,” says this tipper. Numerous paths and gardens (4,800 acres in total) of sweeping parkland, forest, award winning exotic gardens and ancient woodland are just waiting to be explored.

Thames Young Mariners

Water-based activities at this teaching centre for the Royal Yachting Association and the British Canoe Union. Activities are delivered by qualified outdoor education workers. Book for a day or a week. “If you want to get the kids outdoors trying something new to push their comfort zones then this is great.” Log onto the app to read this mum of 2's review. Booking info here.


The prehistoric monument in Wiltshire consists of a ring of standing stones, each around 13ft high, 7ft wide and weighing around 25 tons. A World Heritage Site, the popular tourist attraction is a spiritual celebration of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. No-one knows exactly who built Stonehenge, when, or why, which adds to its mystique. Tipped by a mum of 4.

BMX Bike Park Hammersmith

Aka, Wormwood Scrubs Bike Park, the track is great for kids age 10+ "who are really into their cycling," says this mum of 2. The website declares all ages and abilities welcome at the Saturday lunchtime sessions. Bikes helmets and gloves are available (first come first served). £3 for non-members.

Rockley Sailing

A lovely spot if you're down on the Jurassic coast. One day, two day or full week water sport camps in sailing windsurfing and paddle-boarding, or taster sessions in all, in lovely flat water in Poole, Dorset. Recommended by a mum of 2.

The winner of last week's Hotel Chocolat children's chocolate workshops was Leyla - congratulations!