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Top resolutions for the New Year

Jan 04, 2019

New Year's Resolution

A promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.
"My resolution is to get everyone outdoors more"


Hello and a warm welcome to 2019!

We hope you have enjoyed a truly restful, invigorating, inspiring break and are ready to hit the new year firing on all cylinders!

Leading experts claim that making resolutions as a family is "A Good Thing". Showing that you are motivated to make yourselves the best you can be – in fitness, learning, or generally, as a human – has a positive effect on youngsters.

We hope that any of these activities and incentives taken from all the recommendations on the app are new resolutions that your kids can stick to.

Happy New Year everyone! It's going to be fun this year : )

Master a half marathon: Transfit is a kid-friendly schedule for ages 5+. "My child wanted to join in with my mission to run 10k by summer, so we researched and started this, and can report all is going well. Dare we say it, we're enjoying it," says one dad. For more running inspiration on where and when to run, check out last year's newsletter here. And hunt down our reflective spray tip!

Learn a new language: How To Say I Love You in 5 Languages has been voted as being a good starting point for young ones to grasp their first foreign words. It will "help you learn exactly what to say in the languages of love," says a mum. What could feel more pertinent as we start the new year?

Brush up on new English words: Mrs Wordsmith had a 'narrative journey' recommended on the app, but it was recently discontinued. Check out this affordable, utterly brilliant, picture dictionary by the brand instead. A bargain £25, kids will really enjoy learning up to 4,000 storytelling words.

Get to sleep easily: This year, our children WILL go to bed earlier using Headspace Meditation. This app sounds brilliant. The guide, a former monk, professes to help us stick to our resolutions, with a few minutes meditation a day. One month of unlimited access to the library costs £9.99, you can cancel anytime.

Learn to cook: Younger children will love experimenting alongside you in the kitchen, following the nursery rhyme instructions in the Cook me a Rhyme with Mother Goose cookbook.

Manage money: The prepaid gohenry card and app (with parental controls) for ages 6+ is, as one newspaper review said: “An excellent way to introduce the big, bad world of spending real money.” Recommended by a mum of 3. (FAQs here).

Learn to code: When you have kids glued to Fortnite, Clash Royale, or other video games, one way to channel this obsession into something positive is to enrol in code learning classes. Parents have recommended KanoFireTech campsCode HS, and Blueshift Coding classes for inspiring them to create something they will be proud of. (And find use for!).

Read more: With more than 300 recommended books for all ages, you will certainly find one that your child won't put down (it may even give them the reading bug). The Ice MonsterMrs Blackhatthe Dictionary of DinosaursThe Explorer, etc... there is a book to suit every child.

Your turn, recommend something great on Kinfo app!

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