Never-ending long summer days and nights will feel better with these helpful recommendations. Whether you're staying at the beach until late, rollicking in the garden all weekend, or simply heading outdoors, play safe to stay safe.

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P20 Sunscreen Cream

An easy-to-apply spray, use at least 15 minutes before going out into the sun. No need to reapply after swimming unless there's been vigorous towel drying, soap or a loofah usage. No need to reapply for hours, in fact. “Not expensive, the kids love it and so do I,” says this mum of 2

Gomake Cooling Towel

A thin, portable towel made of polyester (don't let that put you off, polyester has come a long way) that, with a tiny addition of water, turns icy cold. Gasp! Whatever next. A handheld device that shakes out ice cubes? "Keeps kids cool even when they're out of the sun," admires this mum of 1.

Legionnaire Flat Cap

Assorted coloured 100% cotton twill hats for ages 3-6 years, offers total shade and protection from neck to forehead. "Lovely, breathable and highly fashionable," says this mum of 1. Cheap too, a few quid includes delivery. We couldn't find any like this for older kids, so if you know of any, please share!

Medical Alert Bracelet

This parent had one engraved with her contact telephone number in case her daughter got lost – there's space for up to 3 lines of text. We have another trick that worked for us: teach young ones your telephone number in the form of a song. Just think of a catchy tune.


"Perfect outdoor game for all the family," says this mum of 3. The game of boules isn't embraced as much in the UK as it is over the Channel, but our French friends have far more summery beaches than us, so of course they know a good beach game when see they one. Eight steel balls, weighing in at 600g each, come in a carrying case.

Magic Water Bombs

"The coolest way to fight against summer," says this dad. "Make 100 balloons in a minute." This sounds fun. A nozzle attachment goes onto your hose or tap enabling water to mass fill a cluster of balloons. Oh and note, they are made out of 100% recycled materials and are 100% biodegradable.

JML FunSLINGER Monstrous Missile Game

FunSLINGER by name, and nature. The game of throw and catch includes one missile that can rocket up and away for miles (well, 150ft far and 50ft high, so we like the tip to buy extra missiles). A second player then tries to catch the missile with a netted racquet. Requires a large open space and good hand-to-eye co-ordination. Ace for older kids.

Aerobie Flying Ring

Sleek, smart and far-flying fun for everyone. "Makes the traditional frisbee game feel so hard," says a dad of 3. "And it gets the kids to run around a lot – which makes it a good reason to explore new parks."

ResultSport Waterproof Bag

"Keep your hotel key, passport, iPhone and credit card safe with you in the water during those moments when you need to exercise caution," says this parent. Super cheap, they look durable, so they must be worth a shot. We'll take 3!

Swingball All Surface

Good for solitary practise play or in pairs, recommends this dad. "Take this camping or to the beach." Fill up the container with sand or water to keep it weighed down. And unlike some pretenders, the rope moves freely up and down. A bonus.

Summer Garden Playlist

More music from Mr Kinfo, hand-selected for your garden listening pleasure. Family-friendly classics to educate and entertain all – best served with an ice-cold drink, on a sun lounger.

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