According to this article A.A. Milne didn't actually pen this famous Winnie The Pooh quote.

You will see from the link that the line appeared in a film made in 1997 – a time when there was still little support available to children to help them make sense of the world or themselves.

How things have changed! Wellness and mindfulness are now hot topics. Libraries are full of guides to help youngsters work through big feelings.

Why not try one of these, below, and open up discussions before the new term starts?

See you next week for books on the birds and the bees, the forests and trees.

Tropical Terry


A plain blue fish wants to swim with all the bright, glamorous tropical fish, so changes himself to fit in, only to learn that true friends and being himself is what really counts. "One of the most fun and colourful stories," praises a mum of 2.

Super Duper You

Sophy Henn

A beautiful cover to match a beautifully illustrated story, narrated in the voice of a parent to a child. The message is that the child is loved for being them. "We are no one thing and that is awesome, this is about being utterly yourself," writes a mum of 2.

Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different

Ben Brooks

The crisis surrounding young men's wellbeing has peaked, so start the conversation early with sons, nephews and neighbours; help them to be emotionally open. The stories of famous (and not-so-famous) men past and present are sure to inspire. Tipped by a mum of 2.

A Smart Girl's Guide 

Patti Kelley Criswell

Recommended by a dad. "Dealing with Fights, Being Left Out and the Whole Popularity Thing" are big issues among this age group. There's only so much reassurance kids accept from their parents about relationships, sometimes you've just got to leave them with a book and let them work things out (followed up with a casual chat, of course).

Good Morning Yoga

Mariam Gates

A pose-by-pose "wake up" story with super cute pictures, encourages starter yoga and mindfulness. "Practise for kids and parents to greet the morning with joy and embark on their daily adventures with intention and confidence," says a dad of 3.

Ruby's Worry

Tom Percival

Ruby has a worry that grows and grows until she can't stop thinking about it and it makes her sad. "Reassuring, sensitive, lovely story about friendship, beautifully illustrated and with a very clever use of colours. Great to read together," says a mum of 2.

Going to School

Rose Blake

"The best going-to-school book I've ever read. It captures the life and soul of school life," writes a passionate parent. Young kids starting school in September will appreciate following the "class of diverse students" in their daily routine "seeing all the wonderful things they can learn."

Happy: A Children's Book of Mindfulness

Nicola Edwards

Charming poetry explores the range of emotions that children have. Plus prompts for practising mindfulness that will "take them to a place of happiness and calm." Recommended by a mum of 2 who calls this book "exquisite and beautiful."

Trini's Big Leap

Nicola Alexander De Wit, Beth Kephart

The little Trini is very good at gymnastics but can't build castles with blocks. So she needs help, but will she accept support? This is a sweet tale that teaches a good lesson to children, with notes for the parents, too. Highly recommended by a mum of 2.

Amazing Women

Lucy Beevor

One parent recommends dipping in and out of the 101 tales of successful careerists, activists, trailblazers and campaigners. Most are British, with a smattering of other nationalities. The book celebrates the crucial contributions these women have made to society and will inspire kids to think big.

You Are Awesome

Matthew Syed

The main message here is "to try, try and try again". Featured examples of how to attain success appealed to this mum, who shared a review on the app. Numerous quotes from US basketball sensation Michael Jordan will appeal to sport fans.

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