Well what do you know, this week, we've turned to the cooking section in the Kinfo library.
Just check out these selections, for starters! There are dozens more recipes, resources and books here on the app.

Next week, will be celebrating the best book series that children have enjoyed and their parents have shared. Add yours!

Until then, wishing you happy family kitchen times!

Cooking Step-by-Step

"This is a great book for the aspiring young chef. It cleverly breaks down cooking techniques to make them easy to understand and includes a meal planner that teaches about contrasting textures and flavours to create a well balanced meal. The perfect guide for kids who like to get involved in the kitchen," says this mum.

Me, You and The Kids Too

Renée Elliot

Renée has recommended a few recipes on the app, one being delicious Nori rolls that features in this wonderful cooking bible. "A kitchen essential," quoted Gwyneth Paltrow. Recipes suit "two adults, one young child and a baby" and celebrate healthy wonder foods such as apples, avocados and garlic. You can also hear her in conversation with Kinfo founder, Isabelle, here.

Kid Chef

"Great and interesting in learning how to cook fun and healthy meals," says this tipper. Doesn't this image pull you in? (We know a few kids who love a bit of pulled pork). Note, there aren't many pictures, but it's a book packed with great recipes.

Cook Me A Rhyme

We loved this review so much we bought a copy and can verify it's brilliance. "Recipes, nursery rhymes and games - this book has it all for an entertaining afternoon of cooking, reading and general entertainment. Fantastic for encouraging kids to get involved in the kitchen," it says.

Jamie's Comfort Food

One dad who says he likes to go off-grid when using recipes, says that this is one book where he does things... by the book! "My favourite," he says. "Works for all my kids but be careful with the chilli. Happy comfort food!"

The Ultimate Children's Cookbook

"After heaps of research looking for an ideal starter cookbook, my aunt sent this at Xmas and it has been perfect! Easy to follow instructions even doing this cover one was fun," writes a mum of a 9-year-old.

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch Tilly's Kitchen Takeover

"If your kids like to cook, this book has some fun and tasty ideas. My son loves to watch the Matilda & the Ramsay Bunch show on TV then make one of the recipes," writes this parent. “Move over Gordon, there’s a new chef in town – your daughter!’

20 Recipes Kids Should Know

A mum of 2 describes this cookbook as: "Really basic but yummy starter recipes: mac 'n' cheese, hummus, biscuits, cakes... all written in a large font which makes them easy to read and with photos that really entice my daughter to try each recipe."


A mum of 2 says: "We’ve made the delicious roast potatoes with lentils and lemon, everyone loves the melon shallot salad and I can’t wait to try the soups and coconut stew this autumn. Stunning photographs of the family. The author has a multicultural bent to her cooking; no need to travel to far-flung places, just buy this book!

Nadiya's Bake Me A Story

"A fun book that combines stories and recipes to create an interactive baking experience for you and your children. For ages 6-11," says a mum of 1. The author and chef was The Great British Bake Off 2015 champ and there really wasn't a dry eye among viewers when she won!

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With so much fun and exploration to be had, the question is, how to do it all?

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