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Today's selections focus on what to read lounging around the pool, or whiling away delayed departures in airport lounges. Anywhere that requires less brain power, really. Page-turners. Easy reads. Fast fiction. One-sittings.

Find a handful below, and there are more on Kinfo app, divided into ages.

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Ten-year-old August (Auggie) was born with an incredible facial abnormality and now must start attending school. Other kids are mean to him so he has to learn how to fit in, teaching fellow pupils about kindness in the process. "Teaches a great life lesson: never be scared about the differences in others," says this mum of 2.

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Onjali Raulf

A refugee child's view of his new life in England, in an ambitious, multi award-winning, adventure-filled, warm-hearted story of courage and friendship. "Had my daughter hooked by chapter 4," says this parent. You'll want to share this one around.

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

Dr Seuss

This mum bought a hardcover version to "keep forever", she liked it so much, and says there is no age limit to enjoying the comic. Funny, skilful rhyming prose, zany pictures and a fast-paced dialogue creates a perfect introduction to poetry for tiny tots.

Older Not Wiser

Sophy Henn

Jeanie’s Grandma is mischievous yet fun, in this giggly tale for ages 6+. One six-year-old told her Kinfo mum she that loves the pink illustrations the most. Another Kinfo tipper writes that the story is split into three parts, which turn increasingly text heavy, so are perfect for developing readers.

The Explorer

Katherine Rundell

An adventure starring four children fighting for survival in the Amazon rainforest, a journey vividly spent swimming with dolphins, eating spiders… “A cross between Indiana Jones and the film Up.” (Spectator). And, says our reviewer, “beautifully crafted and old-fashioned in the best possible way, keeping readers entertained throughout.”

Auggie & Me


The sequel to Wonder, above, consists of three parts: The Julian Chapter; Pluto, written by Christopher, an old friend of August's; and Shingaling, which centres on Charlotte's school life and friendships. “A great read,” says a dad of 3. Pack both books for happy holiday reading!

Positively Izzy

Terri Libenson

A graphic novel about two girls, Brianna and the Izzy, that tackles the adolescent conundrum of conforming to labels. It “focuses on families and friendships and how tweens struggle to ascertain their individuality. Fun and light but with substance,” says one mum.

Dork Diaries

Rachel Renee Russell

"My 8-year-old would devour them despite being a fussy reader," says this mum. Easy-to-read, stories about going to big school, with illustrations not dissimilar to Japanese anime drawings, which are also hugely popular among this age group.

Midnight at Moonstone

Lara Flecker

A jewel for your bookshelf! Set in the Moonstone Costume Museum, our main character, Kit, hides out (her grandfather is the caretaker) only to see mannequins come alive at night. Stylishly illustrated and written by an expert costume and textile designer at the V&A. "A page-turner,” says this parent.

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For the mums of young babies or mums to be: there is a conversation online coming up that we thought you will enjoy! Join Renée Elliott for a conversation with Allison, acclaimed doula and early months parenting mentor. More information here.

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