Hello my name is Kate. I'm mum to three little people, Izzie (5), Theo (3) and Poppy (1).I grew up in the Midlands but we now live in Yorkshire. I blog at Along Came Poppy, mainly about books!

Kinfo: Hello Kate, can you tell us a bit more about your passion for books?

I have always loved reading but since having kids, I've developed a real passion for children's books. Last year, fed up of reading the same books over and over again, I challenged myself to read a different story each day with the children. I shared our choices on Instagram and then later started to blog about them. In 2016 we read 366 different books and, although we are no longer officially reading a different book each day, I continue to review our favourites on the blog.

Kinfo: Can you tell us some of the books they've enjoyed?

I read to the children as babies and now they all love books and even enjoy making up their own stories. Poppy (1) enjoys board books, especially those with flaps to lift, buttons to press and different textures to explore. Here are a few of her favourites, they have to be very robust!:

Theo (3) loves all sorts of stories but especially funny ones. His current favourites include “Oi Frog!” and “Supertato” and I really enjoy reading both of these books aloud as they are great for doing silly voices!

Izzie (5) is learning to read so we borrow lots of early reader books from the library. She also enjoys her huge picture book collection, especially stories by Julia Donaldson. I have been reading longer books to her at bedtime and she has developed a love of Roald Dahl. Her all time favourite books include The Singing Mermaid, The Paper Dolls, Little Red, The Twits and Esio Trot.

Kinfo: How do you help your kids choose their books? 

We are very lucky that we now get sent a lot of new books to review but we still visit the library weekly and I let the children choose their own books. I encourage Izzie (5) to select some that she will be able to read herself but we also choose books that I can read aloud to her. If I see a book I think they will enjoy then I sneak it in the pile!

Kinfo: And have you got any tips for encouraging kids to read?

I would recommend visiting the library and letting your kids choose books they will enjoy. Whatever their interests - dinosaurs, princesses, animals, space, trains, there will be a relevant book. Also read together as much as you can - even when out and about you can read signs, posters and number plates!

Kinfo: Where’s your favourite place to buy / choose kids' books?

I don't think you can beat going into a bookshop and browsing the shelves for some inspiration. I also regularly pop into charity shops as I always seem to pick up some great bargains there!

Kinfo: What will you and your kids be reading this summer?

I’m currently reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith. The kids are doing the Summer Reading Challenge at the Library so are reading lots of different things. Izzie has just finished Isadora Moon Gets In Trouble and is excited to read the rest of the series!


Kinfo: Finally, where can other parents find you?

I blog at Along Came Poppy: along-came-poppy.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter: @keeccles

Instagram: instagram.com/kate.eccles

Facebook: facebook.com/along.came.poppy

Kinfo: thank you so much Kate!

Interview realised in July 2017.