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We're a collective of parents that is serious about finding amazing activities for kids that will shape their childhood and expand their minds. We all believe that screens should be used with moderation and not become their main daily focus. We believe that by sharing what our kids love doing, what benefits them most – hands on play, learning, adventures, nature – we will become better equipped to help them grow and shine. We believe in helping each other.

Every mum, dad, and carer using Kinfo becomes part of our community. Join us and make parenting easier, every day.

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"I would definitely use this app to find things to do, especially when we are exploring the country as I love to find activities that are off the beaten track." Read More

"I was impressed with what I found in Kinfo"

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"It’s really helpful to be able to see everything at a glance, all in one place. The app is easy to use and navigate..."

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"Unlike other apps, there are no sponsored suggestions and it’s also not a listings app. "

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"I felt that the information was more likely to be reliable than sponsored content"

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