Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to reality.
Hopefully it wasn't with an accompanying THUD!

Didn't the kids look cute in all the first-day pics doing the rounds on Facebook?

We're excited for the year ahead. The List's events featured here on the app have got us planning all sorts of fun days out. But first, we must work hard, to play hard.

These handpicked books will help KS1 & 2 kids (Kinfo's demographic) better understand their coursework. We've got most subjects covered, but please share any you can recommend.

And, relevant to parents of younger kids who have just started school, we have a new podcast.

See you all next week!

Everything You Need To Ace Math


"An American series that is amazing at improving kids' skills. Easy to read, very visual and high quality," says a mum of 3. Text examples cover fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, geometry, stats and equations.

Off With Their Heads


Thanks to Horrible Histories, kids have been getting into history younger than ever. Stories of people in wonderful costumes having wild adventures must be mind-blowing. “Get to grips with the bloodiest battles. My son loves this book,” says a mum of 2.

Pop-Up Shakespeare Book

(English Lit)

Shakespeare plays delivered as a beautiful pop-up with stunning imagery and flowing prose that younger minds can easily understand. "A fascinating concept that appeals to young readers and a stunning gift," says a mum of 3.

The Roman Mysteries Collection


Recommended by a dad of 3. There are 6 stories in the boxset: The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina; The Pirates of Pompei; The Dolphins of Laurentum; The Thieves of Ostia, The Secrets of Vesuvius and The Assassins of Rome. For little history buffs aged 8+.

I Do Not Like Books Anymore!


When Natalie tries to read all by herself for the first time, the letters look like squiggles... which leads to a delightful story about finding joy in sharing stories. For ages 3-7.

AL's Awesome Science Splash Down!


Al is experimenting to find out what his time machine will need to survive its SPLASH DOWN! back to Earth. “Briliantly entwines stories with step-by-step experiments using water, with a soggy and hilarious consequence,” writes a parent.

My First Book of Quantum Physics


How can atoms exist in two places at once? How can a cat be dead and alive at the same time? Find out with this entertaining guide. Recommended by a mum who calls this: "the most stylish physics book I have ever seen! Helps you to answer all the "how" and "why" questions."

L'imagerie de la lecture


One for pupils lucky enough to a) know the language or b) have started learning it at school – readers will need to be au fait with numerous words. "A great book to start reading in French," confirms this mum.

Mrs Wordsmith

(English Language)

We just love, love, LOVE Mrs Wordsmith and cannot recommend enough that you buy one of their products to improve your child's spelling and vocabulary. Visual support tools help teach these more productively than any book or spelling test, using memorable images. "Brilliant!" says a mum of 3.

Kinfo presents: School Separation Anxiety" Podcast  

Do you ever ask for "one more kiss" at the classroom door?

Hear our 10-minute podcast featuring Kinfo founder, Isabelle and regular Kinfo panellist and professional life coach Noel Norton-Janis to understand why you shouldn't. Listen on the app ("Podcast" section) or here.

Next week we're sharing syllabus-related history sights to see in London! Share your recommendations for other families here!