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It’s impossible to ignore the C word,
so let’s just face the situation,
and do as much as we can to keep ourselves safe.

But with restrictions on travel, cancelled events and potential school closures…


Have a look below to learn about what our expert Dr M.Konczynski recommends to prevent the infection, get inspired by some ideas of what to do with the kids and open Kinfo to discover more: art and crafts ideas, online activities, movies, recipes etc.

As always, Kinfo’s mission is to recommend the best activities to families.

(especially important if you are near grandparents)

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Make the kids count up or down, tell them sing Happy Birthday twice (NHS tip), or jump on one leg to make them laugh for 20 seconds. Be creative and do whatever you like but …
While alcohol-based gels are great if you don’t have soap and water handy, washing your hands with soap is one of the easiest ways to protect yourselves and your children from germs.

Wearing a mask won’t stop cough droplets (where viruses are trapped) from getting into your eyes for example and then into the body. Masks can help contain cough droplets when someone is sick and coughing – but their use is not currently recommended for the general public, unless the person is in close contact with someone who is ill.

Dr M. Konczynski

Read here more from NHS.

Here are some activities from Kinfo, discovered, tested and recommended by you:
(for more recommendations, simply open your Kinfo app and browse by age, category or place)

Together: Animal Partnerships in the Wild

2-5 years old

This book was recommended to Kinfo by a mum of two, it’s a combination of non-fiction and haiku poetry and, in her words, it “really really works!”. This winning literary combination will help your little ones discover the beautiful partnerships forged in nature.

The Shakespeare Stories

7-10 years old

What better way to recommend our master writer to our children than through a book?! The Shakespeare Stories was recommended by a few mums on Kinfo on the basis that, the authors have transformed Shakespeare classics into accessible literature in their own words.

DIY Slime 


FINALLY. We’ve found a recipe that works. But you have to get some Elmers glitter glue and magical liquid ?. This dad apparently bought a lot of products before, so save money and buy that one! You’re welcome.


If your children can’t get to museums, then let the museums come to them! Discovered and recommended by this mum, Musemio is a new fascinating model that combines technology and education in a playful way to entertain children.

The InBESTigators 


This is a series of kids-inspectors, solving mysteries – after their homework of course. Funny, original and full of surprises, as well as entertaining for grown ups – just lay down next to your child and pretend not to be interested ?
PS: think of CommonSense media to check suitability of movies & games.

Richmond Park 

All age

It’s easy to fall in love with Richmond Park. Its green spaces are huge and endless so even in summer it doesn’t feel crowded. Its deers are a wonder for kids. It’s been recommended many times by parents as a beautiful, pleasant park where you can spend some time with your kids.

Hampstead Heath 

All age

This park has been recommended by a few families on Kinfo. It is so big that there is no risk of bumping into any crowds! Added bonus: kids can run free there. Dogs too ?

Spanish churros  


Who doesn’t love Spanish churros? They are great as a treat, for example after an afternoon in the park. The recipe is simple yet delicious – just make sure you’ll save some for daddy as we’re sure he loves them too.


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