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The best part of any holiday is the journey.

Said no parent ever.

We've got an array of handy, helpful tips 'n' tools to help smooth any stress that kids can feel when travelling long-distance.

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Cloud B Sleep Sheep


This mum's newborn would play with his sheep when he woke each morning, giving her a few extra moments of peace. It plays 8 sounds, turns itself off, is "very soft and cuddly" and can be fastened to a car seat.

Llamas in Pyjamas


A classic, fun board game from the geniuses at Orchard Toys. Great entertainment on holiday, says a mum of 2. "Perfect for popping in my bag, my kids play with it again and again".

Look What I Made


Filled with large, simple shapes, lots of fun colouring, stickers, tracing paper and chunky foam stencils. "It’s brilliant," says a mum of 2, "so many of the activities are really great – the perfect travel activity book."

Flip To Win Hangman Game


This wooden travel game by Melissa & Doug is "a classic word game with a twist," says a dad of 3. His youngest two enjoyed playing it and learning new words.

Roald Dahl Matilda (audio)


One of the most consistently admired stories among tweens thanks to the film, the theatre show and this. Kate Winslet narrates – this dad’s kids were hooked by both her and the squelchy noises! The 4 hours and 18 minute-long CD should pass the time nicely.

Silver Cross Sleepover Travel Toy


When your tween wants to take her doll along and you think, actually, yes, playing carer will make her less fidgety. Five modes to switch between include pram, pushchair and carrycot. “I loved the attention to detail and high quality materials – a lovely product and good value for money," says this mum.

Hasbro Gaming Battleship


Sturdy, portable travel cases, hours of fun to be had strategically defeating your opponent by sinking their ships before they attack yours. One of our favourite games growing up. "A perfect gift for kids from 6 years old," says a mum of 3.



Recommended by a dad of 3, an addictive game of speed, observation and reflex. Fast card matching skills required, not too dissimilar to 'snap'. Perfect airport distraction for 2-8 players. Note, there are younger versions available too, for ages 4.



No need to hear “Can I have this?” at the airport/resort ever again if they have their own GoHenry card. They save their pocket money and get to spend it on whatever they like (you can cap the daily spend and see all actions). "Really useful to start them off on their accounts and easier to carry than cash," recommends a mum of 3.



One for the adults! As you know, we love a fellow, brilliant app. Download this for free, email all your flight, accommodation and other hire info and the app will create a "smooth, sleek itinerary," says a mum of 1. "I've emailed it to other family members who can also edit and add notes. So far, so good." As paper-saving, stress-reducing, offline tools go, we love the look of this!

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