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Top [tested] Tips for Films
Sept 14, 2018

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Hello again, that wasn't so bad now, was it.
One full week done, made all the smoother with our Kinfo Spotify playlist – see below and here.

Weekend plans? Well, get the popcorn, because our Kinfo app users have brought the films. So let's all kick back – as much as we can – until Monday.

Next week we'll be talking best friends. Four-legged ones. So go ahead and share your very best canine/feline tips  🐾

Until then, ready, steady, PLAY!

The Greatest Showman

Recommended by a mum of 3 whose kids loved the dancing and the soundtrack. This is essentially Moulin Rouge for kids – our own were re-enacting the trapeze scenes in the garden all summer. You'll all be singing the songs for months. Guaranteed.

Eddie The Eagle 

"Great, inspiring, family movie," says a mum of 1. England 1988, an island sans mountains, only a minority then into skiing abroad, and a young plasterer who dreamed of being an Olympian. The nation's sole competitor in the Olympic ski jumping came 55th. This is his amazing story. 

Whale Rider

"Life through a Maori girl's eyes, a strong cultural message about community and family," says this dad. Enjoy the scenic New Zealand backdrop, the tribal girl-power vibes and some great acting. A story that will stay with the kids for years.

Peter Rabbit

"Lots of London landmarks, a must see!" Three siblings of all ages really enjoyed this, we're told. If you were unsure about it, try it... We did and watched our kids howl with laughter throughout. One for animal lovers!

Anne of Green Gables

Recommended by a mum of 1, who rates this version but says it costs big bucks. (Find a recent adaptation for free on Netflix here). An eccentric girl is sent to live with strangers. She talks, she explores and she opens hearts. Her mantra: "You can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will." 


"We thought it was time to introduce this classic, only one nightmare...." says this mum. Scary it might be, but the plot might just prevent your kids from swimming too far out at sea when you're on holiday! Oh the tactics we try. The film's free on Netflix here.


"Loved the book, now our son's mad about the film," says a mum of 2. We've shared recommendations for the former a few times here, so we're delighted to see that someone has tipped the film. Julia Roberts is.. Julia Roberts. Owen Wilson is cute. And the child star Jacob Tremblay brings it home.

Incredibles 2

"As good as the reviews say! Cinema trip to remember, lots of action!" says a mum of a 9-year-old. It's so nice when a sequel lives up to expectations, isn't it? Which reminds us, we've yet to watch Hotel Transylvania 3, have you seen it? Would you recommend it?


Tipped by a dad of 2. Big, bright and brassy. And weepy, it's a tear-jerker! This Day of the Dead Mexican adventure features lots of dancing, singing and fantastic animations, all served with a big message of forgiveness.

The School Run Playlist on Spotify

This week we have added a few new songs to the playlist so you have more for the car, the phone, with or without the kids. And now you have an excuse to dance on your way to work; sorry to school .

Thank you to everyone who came to the "Kids and Technology" event on Monday. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
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