Hello everyone,

Given that this week is Dyslexia Awareness Week we thought we’d share a few helpful recommendations that parents have made on Kinfo app. If dyslexia is not an issue that directly affects your family, perhaps you know someone who would be interested?

Beat Dyslexia LDA Resources

A multi-sensory approach that encourages kids to use their senses to learn sound. These packs of five books comprise 50+ worksheets, teacher’s notes and card packs. This parent declares them “a step-by-step literacy programme for all pupils struggling to acquire literary skills."

Peagain Ergo-Sof Pens

Recommended by a parent, via her children's dyslexic tutor, these pens are “ergonomically designed and super comfortable to write with.”

Nessy Fingers Touch Typing

Join Nessy in a race past dragons, penguins and monkeys with this award-winning typing tool. It encourages ages 7-12 to succeed on keyboards in five short lessons. “Perfect for children required to move to word processing due to slow or poor handwriting.” Log onto the app to read more from this mum of 2.

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