customer reviews

Customer reviews are essential to any business. As well as attracting more customers and increasing conversion rate, they give you important feedback about your products or services.
Sophia, Five Boys Clothing, explains that “getting positive customer reviews is validating, it’s the proof that you make the right decisions. It also helps put people’s trust in your business.”
It can be daunting to respond to your customer reviews and most businesses often sideline positive reviews. But could we be missing a trick?
Interestingly, according to a study from Harvard Business Review, responding to positive as well as negative reviews will improve your ratings overall.
Responding to positive reviews helps you engage with your customers. It’s the opportunity to create loyalty and build a strong referral network.
So what is the best way to respond? Luckily, there are templates available online that will give you some ideas to get started.
The top tips are to practise active listening by summarising the main points and details from your customer reviews and match their tone of voice.
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