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Tips to maximise children's mindfulness
Jan 11, 2019


the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
"We all need to exercise greater mindfulness to enjoy a calmer, more fulfilling life"


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So? How are your resolutions going? Has "Dry Jan" got you feeling in control of your body and your life, or are you still finishing off leftover bottles from Christmas?

Last week's newsletter on resolutions was inspiring (find it here if you missed it). These tips below are brilliant, too. Find more like them on Kinfo app.

Children can benefit from mindfulness. Learning how to accept living in the moment benefits their lives. A study found that 98% of children who practiced mindfulness reported benefits to their emotional well being and a greater ability to focus. Want to know more? We recommend you have a look here, it is a brilliant resource.

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It must be a challenge for kids to exercise mindfulness when there are a multitude of screens vying for their attention. But here's a good way to balance Fortnite/eSports with more traditional pursuits. For a fee you can monitor and set screen time limits, reward good behaviour, block usage, pause for homework and even send messages to their screen (“food’s ready!"). "A lot of handy tools to keep screen time in check," says a mum.

Happiness Jar

At the end of each week, everyone writes down something that made them happy (goals achieved, a walk, good times with friends) and at the year end the family takes turns reading them out. “It’s reminding us to be happy about a lot in life,” says a mum of 2. The concept was coined by author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), who says she has done this for years.

Triyoga Centre

And breath! Recommended by a mum of 4, who evidently benefits from a little namaste. Multiple London venues (Ealing, Camden, Chelsea, Shoreditch) offer classes for adults, and some cracking kids’ classes (2-12-year olds). Newbies are being offered 30% off their first session this month.

Sitting Still Like a Frog

Sleeping and anxiety issues among the young are perfectly normal. There’s a lot going on in their world, and the world at large. With our help, though, children can learn to cope with life's curveballs. This is a good place to start. A book and accompanying CD of guided meditation will steer them through difficult emotions. Recommended by a mum of 3.

Happy - A Children's Book of Mindfulness

A mum of 2 says kids aged 3-8 can explore a range of emotions to help them experience happiness and calm. There are prompts on every page for practising mindfulness, and explanations at the back that you can discuss together. “An exquisite book, utterly beautiful”.

Lake Colouring App

This mum says that both her children love this app because colouring relaxes them. The promise that the brilliant tool makes is to help "immerse yourself in colouring and enjoy a Meditative Colouring Experience". A digital step up from the numerous colouring books out there, we bet kids will want to play for hours.

Glad To Be Dan

Seeing her older nephews learn a lot from this book inspired this mum to buy it for her 5-year-old. “It’s never too early to talk about emotions,” she says. There are exercises and explanations, a well-thought out book for kids who may experience low self-esteem.

Good Morning Yoga

"A practise for kids and parents to greet the morning with joy and embark on their daily adventures with intention and confidence,"says a dad of 3. For ages 2-5.

Waybuloos Yogo!

Recommended by a mum of 2, this short video with a "beautiful soundtrack" should help your kids to understand the benefits of yoga.

Here is our latest playlist to help you calm and relax your little ones.
And you too. 

The Mindfulness Playlist By Kinfo 

We believe technology is GREAT but should be used wisely or our children won't be able to experience anything REAL. Join in the debate, with us!

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