Join Kinfo
to recommend books
to your local families!

Kinfo has partnered with parents, teachers and librarians to come up with a list of top books they recommend for their children from Primary School.

During this period of Covid-19, Kinfo wants to help children maintain and acquire reading skills. With schools and libraries closed or operating with limitations, parents need assistance in choosing the right book for their children.

Kinfo app suggests the most relevant books for their children, using a unique and sophisticated tool that captures personal criteria such as the age of the child, what they enjoyed reading before, their school teacher and friend’s recommendations, preferred authors and type of stories, and the style of the book. Parents can order and purchase the book in one-click from their local online bookstore.

As bookstores have been closed down due to Covid-19, they need assistance to stay in business. Kinfo will give them access to a new audience of prospective customers, driving additional traffic to their online store.

Kinfo’s key objective is to facilitate access to great books for ALL children. Therefore, when parents buy books from their local bookstore with Kinfo, Kinfo will give 10% of its transaction fee to a national charity supporting children’s literacy.

Kinfo’s project funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation branch, is the TripAdvisor for kids’ literature, helping any children to travel from their sofa with a book. This project is currently rolled out in London but will soon be extended to other cities in the UK.

London based independent bookstores joining Kinfo’s project will
benefit accessing local families interested in purchasing books for their
children, with zero set up nor running cost

    How does it work?