“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” – Aristotle (ancient Greek philosopher)

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This week, we take a look at recommended ways to make our lives easier. These tips - taken from the Kinfo app - encourage little ones to be orderly and effective, financially and socially. We live in the Information Age; among the almost 5 billion pages on the web and 4 million apps available to us are tools to guide kids (and parents!) through life choices that count.

Parents who have recommended these have done the sifting for you, they've done all the hard work! It's your turn to try them now. Enjoy!

Isabelle & the Kinfo Team
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“Safe app with tons of videos, games, audio books and art and craft tutorials. The audio books are very clever when travelling”, said this mum on Kinfo. This is a growing media that parents are just loving! Azoomee approves shows, games and audiobooks but they also encourage kids to get ‘off the screen’. There is a 15-day free trial available if you want to give it a try, then it's £4.99 per month for unlimited access. Oh, and the app is free of ads, we like that.



“A really useful way to start our two eldest off with accounts,” says a mum of 3. Easy to set up, kids practise budgeting, saving while parents incentivise with goals and rewards. For ages 6-18. There is a monthly subscription but you can try it free for one month.



“More cost effective than cash back,” says a mum about the Tottenham Court Road branch in central London. Find more stores here. Exchange unwanted DVDs, phones and games for vouchers or cash. Of course, there’s a lot of stock to buy from too. You can go on to their website to check the value of anything you wish to sell.

Common Sense Media


If you haven’t used this website before, you will now. Most parents find it when researching age appropriateness for a film and it soon becomes a valuable resource. Parents and kids review games, TV and theatre shows for all to see. Parents tend to recommend viewing ages older than any that the kids suggest, which can be amusing to read. “Very useful and it has lists, who doesn’t love a list?” says one mum. There are family guides, recommended reads, and searches by themes, genre and age.



“A place to give or receive what you have and don't need or what you need and don't have – a free cycle of giving which keeps stuff out of landfills,” says Freecycle. “Quickest way to get rid of items the kids don’t need any more!” says one mum on Kinfo. Get online, join a group and give away your unwanted bits to someone who'll make good use of them. We've bagged some rather lovely vintage furniture from this site when it launched, so will happily pop furniture we've outgrown on here. It's all about giving and receiving, a good lesson to teach the kids.

Bramley's Big Adventure

Up.Down. 3+

A "well organised" place where you just need to bring your child and they do the rest. Kids love going up and down the giant playframe, running around before eat their snacks in the special room upstairs. Oh, and 'Big Bramley' shows up at the end to dance with them. Bam. Done.

Car Boot Sale


“The best one for sellers,” says one car boot enthusiast, who also loves hunting for bargains. It’s a large site, not as sniffy as the Chiswick one, not as basic as the Holloway Road one, and not as glum as Kilburn’s weekly affair. Conveniently located for North and West Londoners, on the road to High Wycombe, it isn’t chokka with kids merchandise as other car boots can be, so it’s easier to sell your their cast offs. No need to pre-book a space, you can decide last minute.  Every Saturday. 



Osper cards are prepaid debit cards. One dad says his kids enjoy going to a shop with their saved credit. “It’s a good way to start them off in finance management.” You order a printed card, activate it in the Osper App, load it with money (your details aren’t stored) then your kids may use them in millions of shops worldwide. It costs £2 per child per month, billed annually, but they are offering a free 30-day trial.

Kitchen Stories


“My 8-year-old’s bible for cooking/baking inspirations!” Sterling app that preaches healthy, delicious cooking. There’s a Kid-Approved section with novel dishes such as cheeseburger cupcakes and mini apple croissants. You can add recipes to your shopping list so you know what ingredients to buy. Plus advice on how to up your egg game, create international dishes and 20-minute dinners. 



One for the mums, too! (And dads and sons, if they want). An app where you can order a manicure, massage or haircut from a pool of skilled, experienced beauticians. New customers are being offered a £20 welcome code, so for a listed £31 mani pedi that’s just £11 out of your pocket to sit on your sofa tomorrow morning being professionally buffed. When the girls want pampering buy them gift vouchers or book a birthday entertainer. One nail party was a “great success” says a Kinfo tipper.

Mobile Hairdresser


“The same price as a salon. What luxury and relief. She’s lovely,” says one mum about Janeta (find her contact details on the app). She will happily offer you 10% off when you mention that you found her on Kinfo. 

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