the action of helping or doing work for someone.
"She recommended this service for kids, and it is indeed amazing!"

Welcome to today's newsletter.Today's is all about enlisting some help.
Help to get our kids well educated, centred, fed, dressed or looked after, because let's be honest, they need to learn, and we need to have a life without them. Sometimes.

See a few selections of services for kids, below, that feature on the Kinfo app.

Now, let's get out ....  and if you need some inspiration, we handpicked some recommendations of what to do outside in previous newsletters here and here.


When kids need to realise the full responsibilities involved in owning a dog. This service connects owners with trusted locals willing to pet, walk or look after their furry friends on a temporary or one-off basis. Our tipper says her 3 kids loved having a furry guest. Oh and it's free.

Mrs Wordsmith

Sucha a great idea if you have £20 per month (a bargain if you have more than one KS2 kid). Receive brightly, illustrated cards that will make learning new words so much fun. "My 9 year old likes to pick one card at a time and write funny sentences with it," says one mum.


"Set reminders, play music, listen to audiobooks and be in step with the future," says this keen dad. Once kids have got over asking Alexa to make funny noises (yes, you can imagine) there are many educational skills to enable. Alexa could even become your new birthday party entertainer – read this.


We've highlighted this before, spurred on by a mum of 3, who says the debit cards have been a useful way to start her kids with accounts. "Parents can also monitor spend and take actions."


Petrol heads who need help getting greener, this taxi service is well worth adding to your address book. "We hire this service to get the kids to school," says a mum of 2.


"Excellent, prompt and really useful service for last minute help," says this parent. We entered our address to test this, and were offered dozens of vetted, local suitors.

Common Sense Media

"Lists, who doesn't love lists," says the app review. We refer to this website regularly, such is our consumption of films, it can be really helpful and reassuring to know what parents and kids are saying. View this Isle of Dogs entry as an example.


Have fun choosing styles for your children and sign up for deliveries of clothes they will (should) like! "Choose and send back what you don't want to keep," says this mum. Good for 7+ year olds.

So, the room was full. Thank you so much to all who came! 

"Extremely thought-provoking evening."
"Helped to put context on the tech gadget problems faced by families."
"Extremely useful and eye-opening." 

We will be organising another one soon, so stay tuned and tell your friends (the best ones, of course).

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