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Bunnies, bats and baa-lambs, we've got a lot of the animal kingdom covered for bank holiday weekend inspiration. Whether your kids sleep in cat pyjamas and have an Instagram page for their dog, or they just like an occasional zoo trip, you will find something to suit everyone on Kinfo app.

Many of you will be away, so we've thrown in UK-wide choices for our selections this week, recommended on the app - thank you to everyone who has shared their tips. Give yourself an extra slab of chocolate.

Happy Easter!

Woburn Safari Park

Is any other animal as majestic? With the release of the new Dumbo film (have you seen it, would you recommend it?) we're sure most kids are nagging to meet one close up. Well, for £239 p/p ages 16+ can, here. The rest of us can stick with a normal road & foot safari visitor ticket, passing rhinos, giraffes, tigers and birds of prey. Recommended by a mum of 2.

London Zoo

Two recommendations on the app declare this a family favourite. Book a Friday evening ticket to experience street food and live music thrown into the animal mix. Or, let kids enrols as a Mini Keeper to make meals and even muck out cages (minimal effort required!). More info here. Check the ongoingdaily activities, we can vouch for the twice daily Penguin show.

Hobbledown Adventure Park

"Amazing," says a mum about this Surrey park near Epsom. Petting areas, adventure playground, sandpits, zip wires…wallabies, camels, goats and donkeys... log on the app to read more. (For a list of all of their animals in residence, check this).

Colchester Zoo

Best zoo in England, claims this dad of 1.  “Feeding the giraffes was very special.” Don't miss next weekend's party for Puddles, here.

Chester Zoo

"Other zoos I have been to have been fairly disappointing but this is the real deal,” says a mum. The best bit, she says, is the bat cave. (Must like bats). Also starring elephants, giraffes, rhino, apes... oh and a sprinkling of life-sized wild cats made out of toy bricks, here.

Brocketts Farm

A working family farm in Surrey countryside, with "outdoor and indoor attractions soft play, a barn pony and tractor rides, trampolines and a play area,” says this parent.

Willows Activity Farm

Recommended by a mum of 2. “There is always something new and exciting to do and so many cute animals to see, suitable for any age. Great quality and an affordable place to visit.” Sublime Science shows, a Peter Rabbit play area, and Easter crafts feature this week

Lee Valley Farm

Sheep, rabbits, pigs, llamas… one dad of 2 has taken the trouble to recommend it so that you may discover it yourself. With your family. Nice.

Old Macdonalds Farm

We'll finish with cute Easter bunnies. Go say hi if you're in the West Country (lucky you). Happy Easter, everyone. We hope the bunny brings you lots of lovely chocolate. Or at least makes breakfast one day over the weekend so you can have a lie in. Now that's a holiday.


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