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Water Play

Early experience in water develops children’s creativity and imagination, helping them to develop eye-hand coordination and maths and science concepts.



? We’re having a heatwave,
a tropical, tropical heatwave ?

Well, a few sunny days at least. Enjoy it while it lasts! Saturday especially looks like a good day to lay down towels at one of these fabulous spots.

We will be sharing a list of recommended beach accessories next week. Join the conversation – learn a little give a little?

Remember to slap on the lotion and we’ll see you next week, bronzed and glowing.

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South West

The grandaddy of all UK beaches, in our humble opinion. Get down to the fine sand peninsula on a hot day and you could be toasting your toes in the Caribbean. Almost. Of course, this makes parking a total bind in high summer, as this mum admits on Kinfo app. But it’s all in the planning. Sandbanks owns the world’s most expensive coastal (street) real estate. Yes, we are green.



“Sandy, rustic and just what you want from a traditional day trip to the seaside,” says this mum. Tree-lined avenues sweep down to an elegant esplanade and secluded beach that is framed by colourful Victorian-style beach huts once used by aristocratic and royal visitors.



“Olde worlde charm and lots to do,” writes this parent of 2 older kids. Funfair rides, crazy golf, you get the drill, pure kiss-me-quick. Easy access from London, but forward planning will bring the prices down on the train. Teach the kids about the Battle of Hastings in 1066 (which actually took place a few miles away, at Battle, but there is a nice little castle to visit here).

West Wittering


One of our favourite destinations when the sun is out,” says a dad of 3. You and everybody else south of Woking, chum. Get there early, or get stuck on the tiny access road. Sandy and sometimes windy, but always beautiful.

Saltdean Lido


“The only Grade II listed coastal lido in the UK,” this parent tells us. The retro, cruise-liner-shaped pool situated on the sea’s edge, east of the pier was saved by residents and following a £3m refurbishment gives us yet more reason to spend a summery day (or long weekend) in Brighton. Opens July 1st.

Hyde Park Lido and Memorial

Central London

One dad loves the memorial, where his kids can splash around in the circular fountain. “We’ve yet to try the lido next door, but we will,” he adds. We’re with you, brother, it’s on our list too (we just need to look up how much swan poop there is before we do).

Hampstead Ponds

North London

…while this mum attests that the mixed ponds, where ages 8+ can swim, are “quite clean, with just a few ducks here and there.” Just keep your mouth closed and do the breast stroke (have you seen the TV documentary? That’s what all the locals who swim here for medicinal/mental therapy do). Once a secret, now the ponds are written about all over, so expect limited space.

South Bank

Central London

Watch the youngest play in the sandy beach area that lands south side of the river each summer, then “cool off at the nearby fountain”, suggests this mum. There is a playground across the grass for older kids, eateries lining the bank, or as the tipper suggests, take sandwiches. Easy, family-pleasing days out don’t get much better. Watch the website for announcements.

Brockwell Lido

South London

The lido originally opened in 1937 to replace the natural public bathing ponds in the park and to this day is always ram-a-jam-jammed as soon as the sun shows its face. For good reason, this is a lovely 50m pool with a cool cafe and a buzzing atmosphere. This is Brixton, what did you expect? Few wallflowers live here.

Music for the road trips

We have created a list to help parents educate and entertain their kids. On the go. To the beach or pool. Enjoy!


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