Fizz, bang, pop... it's November soon.

We'll start the month watching fireworks and end it talking about Christmas trees. Exciting times.

Here are ideas of how and where to spend it.

Alexandra Palace Fireworks

Nov 1 & 2

Over two consecutive nights, the palace will be surrounded by fairground rides, DJs, food stalls and pyrotechnics. Entry to London's finest hilltop fireworks costs a bargain £15 for an adult + child. But avoid if you don't like crowds. Miss this then Victoria Park's free fireworks are on the next day.

London Dungeons


We can thank Guy Fawkes for our annual firework displays. He conspired to blow up parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder on November 5, 1605, but was caught. Bonfires were set alight to celebrate the safety of the King in a tradition that went on to include fireworks. The historic reenactment staged by character actors is worth seeing.

Diwali on the Square

Nov 3

A celebration of the annual "festival of lights' is a vibrant display of dancing and music, infused with aromatic spices wafting from the food concessions. The 4-5 day festival is celebrated worldwide by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists every autumn, and is admired by anyone with a respectful sense of occasion. A free and popular event.

Olafur Eliasson

Tate Modern

A playful celebration of the planet, the environment and the perils we face. This Danish-Icelandic artist grew up surrounded by nature of epic beauty, which he translated into a colourful tour de force that makes us question our passiveness towards climate change. The 13 room show will make an impression on youngsters. Until Jan.

Children In Need

Nov 15 

Get your family or school involved in fundraising for the nation's favourite televised charity – in aid of disadvantaged kids – by hosting a jumble sale. Just click the link for a full information pack. Tune in to this year's celeb-packed TV show at 7pm, have a little cry, then text your donations. Standard.

Frozen 2

From Nov 22

Six years in the making, the sequel to Frozen, the multi award-winning, best-selling animation based on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen, is finally here. The trailer racked up 116.4 million views in its first 24 hours alone. Spotify has a few music clips to tease the kids with while they count the days off.

South Ken Kids Festival

From Nov 21

Several authors and illustrators hole up at the French Institute to share a love of storytelling and drawing. Quentin Blake's talk is sold out but you can still purchase the launch event, My Beatlemania, "a musical and illustrated journey of the Fab 4" and a seat at the workshop by a Kinfo favourite, Sophy Henn (ages 3-7).

Exhibition: 24/7

Somerset House WC2

We can't wait for this! An exhibition that encourages us to step away from the constant pressure to 'gram everything, experience everything, be everywhere... all of which just makes us feel constantly switched On. The "wake up call for our non-stop world" is definitely one to take kids along to.

Shoop Soup


Crisp November chills in the evening conjure up visions of bonfires, woolly hats, training it to Paris (no, not you?) and steaming soups. This cafe is definitely on our hit list the next time we're passing Goodge Street. Just look at the mouthwatering menu of Shoop soups, tasty, huh?

Some Like it Hip Hop

The Peacock Theatre N1

Black History Month draws to an end, but you can squeeze in one last educational outing, to this well-reviewed, cultural celebration of hip hop. A comical tale of love, mistaken identity, crossdressing and revolution is performed in typical ZooNation style. For ages 7+. Until Nov 9.

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