“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” To Kill A Mockingbird

Sat poolside? How is your book going? Inspired to read more instead of watching TV once back home?
Or perhaps you're stuck on a commute, but with everyone on holiday you can actually get a seat, so you're reading.

It's an addiction well worth passing on to our kids. 

By sharing a recommended book yourself you can help others to sift through the trees to find a good paperback. Literally.

I Thought I Saw A Bear


A board book with flaps for the teeniest of tots to play with. Hunt down the bear (or other animals in this series). "Very simple clever little books” says this mum of 1. “Perfect out and about stories.” 

Starry Skies


“A lovely first-time introduction to the magic of the night sky," tips this parent. This charming book excites little ones into studying various constellations beautifully illustrated in gold, black and white.

Dot Magazine


A quarterly print publication that encourages and inspires 'intelligent' creativity for kids. "Lovely stories, graphics and games. I pretend I buy them for my child, but really they are for me," says a parent of a toddler.

Positively Izzy


A part comic part narrative page-turner that primary school girls will devour in one sitting. A mum of an 8 year old says it addresses "how tweens struggle to ascertain their individuality;" adding, "it's fun and light with a brilliant twist at the end."

My First Book of Quantum Physics


A vibrant, scientific guide to the tiny particles that make up everything around us from trees to buildings, light to ourselves. Perfect for kids who ask "how" and "why" all day long. Oh and the perfect example of why non-fiction books need not be dull and boring, recommends this mum. 

Never Say Die


The last book in the first series about a teen super hero agent is recommended by a parent of two very excited kids. Follow Alex Rider's 007-style action-packed adventure filled with suspense, drama and endless globetrotting, in his quest to defeat the baddies. Get the whole series here.

To Kill A Mockingbird


"An English classic about life in deep south America during the great depression. My boy said he'll never forget it," says a parent on Kinfo. One for advanced readers on their way to secondary school next month, we think!